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How The Law Fails Women and What To Do About It

Prof. Julie Suk on why formal legal equality isn’t enough and what it takes to create meaningful gender equality under the law.

A Climate Scientist on Why The Global Climate Summit is a Disaster and a “Sick Joke”

“I’m almost at a loss of finding words to adequately describe the corruption and the evil at COP28,” says Dr. Peter Kalmus.

A Music Theorist on How White Supremacist Assumptions Have Shaped the Evaluation of Music

Professor Philip Ewell on how we decide what music is worthy of scholarly attention, and how to make music theory more welcoming for everyone.

The Rise and Fall of Crypto Lunacy 

Financial reporter Zeke Faux, author of a new book on Sam Bankman-Fried and the bizarre world of crypto scams, joins to tell us what he witnessed in crypto-world.

Why We Have No Choice But to Stop Oil and Gas

Lorne Stockman of Oil Change International explains what will be needed to successfully prevent complete climate catastrophe.

How Big Pharma Makes a Killing From Letting People Die

Journalist Nick Dearden on the basics of “pharmanomics.”

How The Occupation of Palestine Shapes Everyday Life—And What Happens Now

Journalist Nathan Thrall on what the human consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine have been, and why the collective punishment of Gaza must end.

How to Think About the Role of Drugs in American Life

Benjamin Fong’s ‘Quick Fixes’ offers a nuanced and fascinating look at the intersection of capitalism and chemical dependency.

The Current Israel-Palestine Crisis Was Entirely Avoidable

Political scientist Jerome Slater on how the refusal to grant Palestine a state set the region on the course for disaster…

How the Idea of Being “Self-Made” Arose

How did we come to believe that we can be anything we want to be? And what are the consequences of ascribing godlike powers of self-creation to human beings? Author Tara Isabella Burton explains the culture of “self-making.”

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