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Who Are the “Power Elite”?

Sociologist Heather Gautney on how to understand the workings of power and the machinations of elites—without becoming a conspiracy theorist.

Understanding What Trans Justice Means

What does trans liberation look like? How does it differ from mere inclusion? How should socialists think about trans justice? Author Shon Faye explains all.

We Need To Get Junk Science Out of Courtrooms

Forensic pseudoscience introduced into the courtroom has been used to convict and render death on people based on the thinnest of evidence.

What Americans Still Don’t Know About the Vietnam War

Vietnam War veteran W.D. Ehrhart discusses how he went from eager enlistee to anti-war activist.

Why the New York Times Needs to be Held Accountable

Former Times public editor Margaret Sullivan discusses why we need local journalism and why the major newspapers should be carefully watched over and criticized by the public.

The Entirely Predictable Collapse of FTX Exposes the Failures of Regulators and Journalists

The most ‘respectable’ of the crypto billionaires was just another fraudster. When will journalists stop hyping this industry? When will regulators protect consumers from getting ripped off by the next Ponzi scheme?

A YIMBY and a “Left NIMBY” Duke it Out

A conversation with housing activist Darrell Owens of CA YIMBY reveals that the terms NIMBY and YIMBY might not mean what you think.

The War on Palestine

Historian Rashid Khalidi explains why the Israel-Palestine conflict is best understood as a war on Palestine.

Why Children Make Such Good Philosophers

Children often ask profound questions about justice, truth, fairness, and why the world is the way it is. Caregivers ought to engage with children in these conversations.

How Do We Overcome Capitalism?

Tom Wetzel explains what a planned socialist economy would look like and the strategy we need to make socialism a reality.

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