Articles by Aisling McCrea

At The Edge

On Britain’s strange fascination with knife crime.

Cetacean Needed

The “battlenose dolphin” and other militarized marine life.

Rethinking “Ownership”

Mat Lawrence of Common Wealth on what new economic structures could look like…

I Have No Idea What “Hard Work” Means

And probably neither do you…

The Love Interest

A male novelist receives an unwanted surprise…

Poverty Makes Everything Worse

People are never poor for just one reason…

A Mildly Tongue-In-Cheek Defense Of ASMR As A Radical Expression Of Humanity

What’s wrong with wanting to feel a pleasant tingling sensation?

Freedom-Loving Americans Should Demand Universal Healthcare

If you love freedom and choice, then you should love universal healthcare and hate the American system…

Reclaiming Victimhood

Realizing you are a victim can be the first step towards fixing something in the world…

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