So you’d like a job at McKinsey & Company, the world’s most prestigious consulting firm. Take our quiz and find out whether you are “McKinsey material.”

Amazon employees have had to pee into bottles because bathrooms were too far away and workloads are too high, what do you recommend as the solution?

A. Build bathrooms much closer to where employees work

B. Give employees more break time

C. Transfer ownership of Amazon from Jeff Bezos to the workers

D. Make potential candidates drink a gallon of Mountain Dew, see how long they can hold it before offering the job

2. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wants to bulldoze the Amazon and has hired McKinsey to consult, do you:

A. Explain why the economic value of the rainforest is actually greater over the long run

B. Respectfully withdraw from the engagement

C. Secretly gather evidence for a future case in the International Criminal Court, sabotage all of Bolsonaro’s efforts

D. Diligently research and present the cutting edge of deforestation and indigenous people removal techniques, Bringing The Best Of The Firm To The Client

Illustrations by Mike Freiheit

3. You’re at a team dinner with a client, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He says, “McKinsey has really helped us target dissidents on social media, but man, you guys really cost an arm and a leg!” Do you:

A. Laugh nervously and avert eye contact

B. Say, “I was actually very disturbed by those reports, if you actually want to improve your standing on the world stage, imprisoning Twitter users is probably not the best approach”

C. Say nothing, secretly record the conversation, and spit in his food when he’s not looking

D. Laugh along and say, “you know, the 17:1 assassin to dissident ratio is below the peer group average, we have some ideas on how to help.”

If you answered “D” to all of the above, McKinsey would like to hear from you:


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