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Issue 46: Jan-Feb 2024
A gorgeous, entertaining issue to kick off the year!
Issue 45: November-December 2023
Issue 44: September-October 2023
Featuring deep dives into: the cultural politics of white rappers, sinister billionaire propaganda, panic over declining sperm counts, poverty in America, and old communist magazines.
Issue 43: July-August 2023
A little late, but worth the wait! (We hope.)
Issue 42: May-June 2023
A summer issue filled with both style and substance!
Issue 41: March-April 2023
It's a beautiful spring issue filled with hard-hitting essays and colorful satirical bits!
Issue 40: January-February 2023
Starting 2023 off with an extraordinary issue, crammed with wonders.
Issue 39: November-December 2022
It's packed with insight, humor, and mystery!
Issue 38: September-October 2022
Our gorgeous fall edition! Our very best yet. PLEASE NOTE: Because the cost of paper and printing has increased with inflation, we have recently had to put subscription prices up by $10, which will be reflected in renewals. We're sorry about this, but inflation has hit production costs.
Issue 37: July-August 2022
A gorgeous, scintillating new edition loaded with excellent articles and striking artwork. PLEASE NOTE: Our subscription rates have increased by $9.99 since the last issue. We had kept them the same since the magazine's founding in 2015, but regrettably the cost of paper and printing has recently increased so we have had to put rates up accordingly. We deeply appreciate your support for our work.
Issue 36: May-June 2022
Filled with endless wonders, as well as sensible commentary on war, families, and the legend of Spartacus.
Issue 35: March-April 2022
Our magnificent March-April edition. Featuring articles on the costs of the drone war, predatory developers in Florida, the leftism of Charlie Chaplin's movies, the bullshit of Yuval Noah Harari, awful new right-wing children's books and more! Remember, if your subscription lapses, RENEW by going to, logging in, and going to Renew in the drop-down menu.
Issue 34: January-February 2022
The first issue of 2022! Filled with all manner of wonders and surprises.
Issue 33: November-December 2021
Our long-awaited final issue of 2021! With features on Che Guevara, the Obama presidential "library," the nightmare of American malls, the lingering intergenerational after-effects of the Vietnam war, and the weird world of dreams. Plus colorful satirical ads and fun surprises.
Issue 32: July-Aug 2021
Our eclectic and verdant rainforest issue!
Issue 31: May-June 2021
Issue 30: The March-April "Noir" Issue
It's our longest issue EVER, 96 pages overflowing with art, essays, and surprises. And all done in tasteful black-and-white, to look extra-classy on your coffee table.
Issue 29: Jan-Feb 2021
Our first edition of 2021! Filled with gorgeous art and insightful essays. Plus the bizarre and unexpected.
Issue 28: Nov-Dec 2020
Elevators, the sixties, myths, and more! Endless fun surprises in our final edition of 2020. Wishing you all the best during these dreadful times and hope our magazine can bring a dash of consolation and joy.
Issue 27: Sept.-Oct. 2020
A fall edition loaded with surprises and wonders!
Issue 26: July-Aug 2020
A more punctual issue than usual! But no less full of surprises and delights.
Issue 25: May-June 2020
Our 25th issue spectacular! With cover art by Molly Crabapple and the triumphant return of Briahna Joy Gray to our print edition. Jam-packed with delights.
Issue 24: Mar-Apr 2020
Our magnificent March-April issue, just in time for Mid-May. (Sorry for the delay, but the good news is that it's an EXCELLENT edition.)
Issue 23: Jan-Feb 2020
Our marvelous (slightly late) January-February edition, just in time for March!
Issue 22: Nov-Dec 2019
Our final issue of the year! Featuring articles on private schools, James Joyce, Facebook, and the socialist future, plus an interview with Barbara Ehrenreich. Jam-packed with art and comics.
Issue 21: Sept-Oct 2019
"The Magazine That Likes You Just The Way You Are" is speak truth to power, with exposés of Mount Everest, seasteading, and more!
Issue 20: July-Aug 2019
Spreading Sweetness and Light! Current Affairs takes on hellfire, why teens love socialism, the magic of Motown, and the legacy of Huey Long.
Issue 19: May-June 2019
Our magnificent May-June issue! Just in time for July.
Issue 18: March-April 2019
Our magnificent March-April edition... in May.
Issue 17: January-February 2019
Our first issue of 2019!
Issue 16: November-December 2018
It's our latest issue... by far. Apologies for the delay, but we hope you will enjoy it. Thank you so much for being a subscriber.
Issue 15: September-October 2018
Our slightly tardy fall issue!
Issue 14: July-August 2018
Our somewhat late summer edition features Malaika Jabali's report from Milwaukee, "The Color of Economic Anxiety," plus Ryan Metz's "What You Have to Fear from Artificial Intelligence," and Brianna Rennix,'s "Across the Border: A Visit to Nuevo Laredo."
Issue 13: May-June 2018
Our most beautiful issue yet!
Issue 12: March-April 2018
A glorious spring issue!
Issue 11: January-February 2018
Our longest and most remarkable issue yet!
Issue 10: November-December 2017
Please email [email protected] with subscription problems. And remember, the perfect gift for a friend this holiday season is a Current Affairs subscription and a copy of our book "The Current Affairs Mindset"!
Issue 9: September-October 2017
It's a magnificent autumn issue loaded with puzzles, essays, and artwork.
Issue 8: July-August 2017
Issue 7: May-June
Our Silicon Valley Spectacular!
Issue 6: March-April
A spring issue full of wonders!
Issue 5: January-February 2017
The print edition should be arriving in mailboxes in the first weeks of January. If you have subscribed recently, it will be your first edition.
Issue 4: September-October 2016
We apologize sincerely for the production delay. We remain a tiny, volunteer-run operation, and were slowed down by some logistical challenges. Hopefully the content of our new issue makes it worth the wait. The print edition is on the way and should be in mailboxes shortly! Remember, you can access digital versions of all back issues by logging into our website and clicking "downloads" in the upper right-hand corner.
Issue 3: July-August 2016
The magnificent summer edition!
Issue 2: May-June 2016
Issue 1: March-April 2016
Featuring articles on: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Uzbekistan's police state, prison memoirs, rich people's artistic tastes, the worst New York Times columnists, online feminism, and Elizabeth Gilbert. A feast for the eyes and intellect alike!

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