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Current Affairs: The Podcast

It is a felony under United States federal law1 for any news­magazine over two years old not to have an accompanying podcast. Thus, once Current Affairs hit its two-year anniversary in 2018, we were obliged to introduce The Current Affairs Podcast, your ear's greatest hour of politics and culture.

Our editorial team brings you a biweekly mixture of discussion, analysis, and assorted auditory delights. From Studio H-3 in the Current Affairs World Head­quarters, our podcast is a refreshing alternative to the stale and tedious audio products to which you have grudgingly become accustomed. We’re cutting through the nonsense, bursting open ideological piñatas, and presenting a friendly, relaxed, and upbeat guide to everything that matters in the world (and some things that don’t, but are still fun to hear about).


Our bonus episodes frequently involve interviews with experts, writers, activists and policymakers. While we make many of these episodes available to all listeners for free (especially when we think the subject is a matter of public interest), Patreon subscribers will get access to all interviews, and also get early access to the episodes that are made available to the public.


Patreon subscribers also get access to special “bonus” episodes, which air every Thursday and alternating Tuesdays. Subjects range from world literature, to oft-neglected issues, to the team’s favorite reality TV shows. Whatever your tastes, you will find something to fascinate and enchant you.

Indulgently, sample some Bonuses
Land­lord Wars, Ep. #32: The Ten­ant Strikes Back August 13th, 2019

“The Swamp” may have become shorthand for the White House, Congress, and the swarms of lobbyists that surround them, but the District of Columbia is a real city, with real residents, and real local concerns like keeping DC’s housing affordable.

In this episode, Current Affairs associate editor Vanessa A. Bee sits down with housing attorney Amanda Korber, tenant organizer Rob Wohl, and historian Amanda Huron to talk about tenant strikes, displacement, and combatting landlord and developer greed.

The Lyta, The Witch & The War­drobe September 25th, 2019

Unlocked from the Patreon Bird Feed: Current Affairs amusements editor Lyta Gold, senior editor Brianna Rennix, contributing editor Aisling McCrea and friend of the pod Dan Walden continue our "problematic fave" series with a conversation on C. S. Lewis.

Topics discussed include: Narnia, trauma from British boys schools, A Grief Observed, The Space Trilogy, Lewis’ relationship to conservatives, uncertainty, ecosocialism, ecofascism, the human condition, brutalist architecture, cancel culture, and more.

Every­thing You Always Wanted To Know About Immi­gration (But Were Afraid To Ask) October 10th, 2019

This would usually be a Patreon-only episode, but given how vital this topic is, we’ve decided to unlock it. Current Affairs contributing editor Eli Massey interviews senior editor Brianna Rennix, an immigration lawyer working with asylum seekers at the U.S. southern border.

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