It Matters, Yes, But How Much?

Are Putin and the DNC leaks worth our attention? Sure. Are they our number one priority now? Probably not.

Why You Should Never, Ever Listen To Nate Silver

Part I of our “How The Press Failed You” Series…

Bad Ways To Criticize Trump

Progressives need to focus their critiques on issues that actually matter to people…

The Necessity of Credibility

Ridding ourselves of fake news requires having media outlets that are actually worth listening to…

Why Is “The Decimation of Public Schools” A Bad Thing?

It’s not enough to simply declare that vouchers and charters are bad…

The Climate Change Problem

If progressives think it’s a serious threat to humanity, why don’t they act like it?

What This Means, How This Happened, What To Do Now

Dealing with the election of Donald Trump

Explaining It All To You

The persistence of Vox…

What The Clintons Did To Haiti

Their actions in the country were shameful and shouldn’t be defended…

Incentives and Price Gouging

Does price gouging create incentives to increase supply? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that children won’t die unnecessarily.

Do Economists Actually Know What Money Is?

Greg Mankiw thinks Hamilton scalpers are fantastic. Of course he does. He’s rich.

Suicide and the American Dream

More and more of us are killing ourselves. Is it the exploding of our deferred dreams?

Slavery Was Very Recent

The children of ex-slaves are still alive. It’s time to recognize just how close we are to “history.”

Good Riddance to a Revolting Monster

One of the most horrible people on earth committed serial sexual assault. Can we at last be rid of him forever?

“We” Do Not Feel That Way, Thank You Very Much

The use of “we” is a form of rhetorical coercion.

Why Appeals To “Progress” Are Empty

If these “new advances in the field” are so obvious, it should be easy to defend them.

Let The Kooks Speak

They will only embarrass themselves.

What Noam Chomsky Thinks Of “Intellectuals”

Contrary to what the New York Times thinks, Chomsky is highly skeptical of “expert opinion.”

If You’re a Democrat Bashing Bernie Voters, You’re Supporting Trump

Disparaging millennials is a good way to further alienate them.

The Clinton Foundation’s Problems Are Deeper Than You Think

Critical scrutiny has focused on the Foundation’s fundraising. But there are equally troubling questions about its actual work.