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Single Order: Issue 17 (Jan/Feb 2019, Vol. 4, No. 1)

Single Order: Issue 17 (Jan/Feb 2019, Vol. 4, No. 1)

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The only "good" magazine's first issue of 2019 is stuffed with gorgeous illustrations, amusing amusements, and these articles:

CAPITALISM / "Stubborn Detachment: Economists' myopic growth cult can't cope with environmental realities..." by Rob Larson and Nathan J. Robinson
PACIFISM / "The virtues of pacifism" by Nathan J. Robinson
THE HOLY INFANT OF ATOCHA / "Waiting for the Holy Infant of Atocha" by Brianna Rennix
POLITICS / "Are voters just lemmings?" by Ryan Cooper
FUTURE CITIES / "The city of tomorrow is the city of yesterday" by Sam Miller-McDonald
PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCES / "Make America Trip Again" by Garrison Lovely
ASMR / "A mildly tongue-in-cheek defense of ASMR as a radical expression of humanity" by Aisling McCrea
PALESTINE / "Honeymoon in Palestine" by Nick Slater
POPPIES / "If ye break faith: the rise of poppymania" by Erica X Eisen
THE NOVELS OF ELENA FERRANTE / "Those who rise and those who disappear" by Erika Jost
PIGS / "A chat with Glenn Greenwald about animals"

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