The Adams Principle

How did cartoonist Scott Adams go from Dilbert to MAGA and what does the Cold War have to do with it?

A Very Nice and Polite [2019] Argument with Ezra Klein

Revisit this 2019 sitdown between Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson and founder and editor-at-large of Vox, Ezra Klein. Together, they debate (in a very friendly manner) the successes and failures of the Bernie Sanders campaign, incremental change versus radical change, and whether Nathan was justified in writing mean things about Vox in 2016.

Some Deus Ex Machina Scenarios For The Election

Jason Adam Katzenstein peers into his multiverse scrying glass to bring us some possible election outcomes. With illustrations!

The Federal Killing of a Protester Should Alarm Us All

Trump has bragged about killing an activist without any due process. That’s terrifying.

As a Woman

When the richest and most powerful women say “as a woman…”, they alienate more than they include.