Against Incrementalism

‘Incrementalism’ implies that small steps will be taken toward a goal. But we need to beware policies that do not actually serve the goals they claim.

No City Needs Subway Soldiers

New York’s deployment of the National Guard on public transit is ludicrous and dystopian.

The Pedestrian of the Future

A pedestrian fatality crisis is brewing in the United States, and we need to focus on the root cause of the problem: pedestrians themselves.

The Plan to Ban TikTok is Outright Xenophobia

Congress’s moves against TikTok threaten freedom of speech and are grounded in baseless anti-Chinese hysteria. That dangerous fearmongering attitude appears to be becoming bipartisan consensus.

Lessons on Racism from the Crack Era

Reviewing the punitive and racialized law-and-order politics of the ’80s and ’90 reminds us that color-blindness isn’t the solution going forward.