Noam Chomsky on How To Prevent World War III

The eminent scholar on the worsening threat of nuclear warfare, how to end the war in Ukraine, the self-justifying myths propagated by imperial powers, why the Global South finds American moralizing laughable, and more.

The Wall Street Journal Makes The Case For Expropriating Billionaires

The paper says redistributing the wealth of the 735 richest people would “only” give every single person $14,000. But that would be amazing.

The Quest for Red Plenty

The failure of economic planning in the Soviet Union does not mean that effective socialist economic planning will never be possible.

The Rise of Pentecostal Christianity

While the world’s fastest-growing religious faith offers material benefits and psychological uplift to many people, it also pushes a reactionary political agenda aligned with dangerous far-right leaders.

Why American Culture is So Disturbing

Societies can carry out Nazi-level atrocities without most people noticing the moral depravity around them. We need to be more disturbed by things commonly assumed to be normal.