Democrats Need to Stop Supporting Apartheid

Mainstream human rights organizations have consistently concluded that Israel is a major human rights violator. Yet even “progressive” Democrats refuse to reconsider US support for Israel.

Why We Should Abolish the Family

The family is a conservative project that limits human flourishing. The family must be abolished.

She Kicked Ass

The late Barbara Ehrenreich was a model for leftist writers and thinkers, combining deep knowledge, scathing wit, and a righteous anger at injustice.

Climate Catastrophe Is Theft

Those who caused the bulk of the climate crisis owe damages to those who are harmed by it. If U.S. emissions cause flooding in Pakistan, the U.S. must compensate Pakistan.

Taking White Supremacist Talking Points Mainstream

Popular conservative writer Douglas Murray is open about his ethnic chauvinism, and while he claims to offer common sense and reason, his work is riddled with errors and overflows with bigotry.