What Will Future Historians Think of Our Priorities?

While Queen Elizabeth II’s death was taking up most of the news, scientists were issuing a dire new warning about climate tipping points. Is anybody listening?

Debunking the Myths of Green Capitalism

Adrienne Buller discusses how green capitalism offers appealing yet fake solutions to the climate crisis, and why we can’t put a market value on whales.

Ignoring Gorbachev’s Warnings

In the wake of his death, the former Soviet leader has been given warm tributes in the US. But there’s precious little discussion of Gorbachev’s strong criticisms of US foreign policy or his warnings about the danger of US arrogance.

Democrats Need to Stop Supporting Apartheid

Mainstream human rights organizations have consistently concluded that Israel is a major human rights violator. Yet even “progressive” Democrats refuse to reconsider US support for Israel.

Why We Should Abolish the Family

The family is a conservative project that limits human flourishing. The family must be abolished.