We Need to Get Serious About Universal Access to Shade

As global warming creates unprecedented deadly heat waves, being surrounded by shade trees is more and more important.

Keep Bond Away from Bezos

Amazon’s acquisition of Hollywood staple MGM Studios is bad news for moviegoers and the film industry. The FTC can and should challenge the deal in court.

What’s Left of Democracy if Our Fate Is Just Decided by a Coal Baron?

How is it that our fate can be in the hands of a single corrupt fossil fuel profiteer? We cannot accept a system in which Joe Manchin gets to decide our future for us.

Why Conservatives Hate the Government But Love the Cops

The core right-wing principle is a belief in hierarchy, not the limitation of state power.

Are Web3 and Crypto Just a “Grift Pouring Lighter Fluid on Our Already-Smoldering Planet”?

Molly White of “Web3 is Going Great” on the scams and lies of the crypto economy.