Why Centrism Is Morally Indefensible

Tim Urban’s new book shows how centrists care more about civility than justice, and hate ‘social justice fundamentalism’ more than plutocracy.

How Queer History Is Buried

Historian Hugh Ryan, author of “The Women’s House of Detention,” on excavating the stories of LGBTQ+ people from before Stonewall.

The “Uber-ification” of Teaching Will Destroy Public Education

Some school districts have begun outsourcing in-person teaching positions to ‘edtech’ companies that offer remote teachers. But this is not going to make labor conditions better for teachers, or classrooms better for students.

When Will Congress Vote to Condemn The Horrors of Capitalism?

The House, including many Democrats, recently voted to condemn the economic system that ISN’T screwing us right now.

Our 40th Issue

Current Affairs enters its eighth year as the best socialism-and-satire print magazine in all of southeast Louisiana.