The Abdication Temptation

If you want to convince people to surrender to authority, there’s no better way than to cite some “grand unified theory” of law. Professor Dan Farbman walks us through exactly what’s wrong with the theoretical underpinnings of grand unified theories.

The Most Important Election of 2020

Mckayla Wilkes has a chance to unseat longtime Democratic centrist Steny Hoyer. Her victory would be a game-changer for the left.

The Problem of Private Schools

It’s a well-known fact that private schools perpetuate inequality. But is abolishing them the answer?

Does “The Case Against Socialism” Hold Up?

It does not. A brief look at Rand Paul’s new book.

Quiz: Who Said It?

Who said the following quotes? And when did they say them? Was it when Christine Blasey Ford made her accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, or when Tara Reade accused Joe Biden?