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Welcome, Babies

A message from Current Affairs to all babies and the people who made them.

Presenting The 2020 “Griftie” Awards

Precedented times or not, the grift stops for no man. Today, Current Affairs celebrates.

Couch Surfing the Waves of American Poverty

For every American who is “officially” homeless, there are many more who exist in a precarious state of limbo. To survive, poor people must devise their own networks and support systems.

A Place Like Home

Editor Nick Slater on the comforts and fuzzy corporeality of home.

How Should Values Influence Social Science Research?

Examining the difficult relationship between “politics” and scholarship.

The Peculiarity of Gender

It’s a complicated subject! Let’s talk about it.

Looking Back At The Socialist Future

An excerpt from my future memoir, “My Affairs.”

Fuck the Poolice

What an empire of literal dog shit and blatant copyright infringement tells us about “the convulsions of late capital.”

Presenting The 2019 “Griftie” Awards

We live in an age of great rip-off artists and hucksters. Today Current Affairs honors their achievements.

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