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We Need Empathy, Not Just Etiquette, On The Subway

Jordan Neely’s murder is a reminder that we need more than just civility toward other people in public. We actually need to give a damn about them.

Why Would Anyone Join the ‘NoFap’ Movement?

The ‘nofap’ challenge, in which participants don’t masturbate or watch porn, has grown into a large online movement. David S. Smith explains the theory behind the challenge, the gender politics of these online groups, and whether they are part of the larger ‘manosphere.’

The Art of Resurrection

To know how a car works and how to repair it is to liberate oneself from an endless cycle of consumption.

The Allure of Shipwrecks

On the incomparable experience of prowling through sunken vessels.

We’re Not Alone in the Universe

Aliens are almost certainly out there. Let’s hope they’re not like us.

American Fugitive

A story about race, power, and getting free.

F*cking Landlords

They’re the worst, especially if you’re a young woman.

A Better Son Or Daughter

Donald Trump, amnesia, and a capitalist fable.

Las Vegas and the American Nightmare

A return to the scene of a massive and pointless crime.

Knowledge Is Not Power: Why Cigarettes Still Appeal

For many, the chance to reject neoliberal self-care culture outweighs the obvious health risks.

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