Articles in U.K. Politics

What Jolly Good Fun It All Is

Boris Johnson displays a deep, disturbing moral emptiness that Britain must reject.

The Future Is Ours

The British Labour Party envisions an inspiring new era.

At The Edge

On Britain’s strange fascination with knife crime.

Fear of “Red Britain”

The actual Jeremy Corbyn is far milder than the ludicrous caricatures of him pushed by the right…

How To Think Clearly About Anti-Semitism Controversies In The Labour Party

Condemning bigotry and critiquing Corbyn without indulging false smears…

London Doesn’t Love Us

How a diverse and hopeful city became a place scarred by inequality, bitterness, and foreboding…

This Is Why You Don’t Listen When They Tell You That You’ll Fail

Labour’s rebound under Jeremy Corbyn shows just how faulty conventional wisdom is…

Theresa May’s Refusal To Debate Jeremy Corbyn Really Is Shameful

The Conservatives have shown contempt for Britain and for democracy, and should be punished at the polls.

Can Jeremy Corbyn Change British Politics?

Is the rumpled, bearded left-winger doomed to failure and irrelevance, or can he build something befitting his ambitions?

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