Articles in The Virus

The False Dichotomy

Workers’ mass financial distress is not a given. It is a policy choice.

When It’s Hard to Take a Deep Breath

On asthma, meditation, and cutting yourself some slack during a global pandemic.

Notes on a Nightmare #7: The Plague

Solace and advice from Albert Camus.

Notes on a Nightmare #6: Against Newspapers

Depressing people with sad news without engaging them in political action is irresponsible.

Notes on a Nightmare #5: The “Chinese Virus”

Bill Maher is wrong that it’s an innocuous geographical descriptor.

Interview: Dr. Abdul El-Sayed on the Politics of COVID-19

Public health doctor, epidemiologist, and former Detroit health director discusses the politics of the coronavirus.

In The Middle of a Pandemic, Our For-Profit Healthcare System Is Failing Us

Not having Medicare for All makes a bad situation worse…

Notes on a Nightmare #4: The Criminality of Donald Trump

At the end of all this, the president should face prosecution.

The Cults of Capital

What happens when an apocalyptic pandemic meets the apocalyptic death-cult of neoliberalism?

Notes On A Nightmare #3: A Disturbing Turn in Right-Wing Thought

“What if, instead of free healthcare and a guaranteed income, we just let the virus run rampant and kill a lot of people?”

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