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The Deadly Mix of Individual Responsibility and Racial Capitalism

Poor people of color are dying in droves so that a privileged few can enjoy pretending life is “back to normal.”

COVID-19 Killed My Husband in Jail. So Did Democrats’ Indifference

Republicans have botched the pandemic response, but Democratic elected officials have blood on their hands, too.

A Thorough Debunking of COVID-19 Contrarianism

Data scientist Jennifer Handsel deconstructs the truth and the myths of COVID-19.

Michigan’s Left

Midwesterners make demands as Michigan’s unemployment rates, water shutoffs and evictions come to a head.

Coronavirus and Socialism

The United States will not fix the problems that caused this crisis without a strong leftist political movement.

The False Dichotomy

Workers’ mass financial distress is not a given. It is a policy choice.

When It’s Hard to Take a Deep Breath

On asthma, meditation, and cutting yourself some slack during a global pandemic.

Notes on a Nightmare #7: The Plague

Solace and advice from Albert Camus.

Notes on a Nightmare #6: Against Newspapers

Depressing people with sad news without engaging them in political action is irresponsible.

Notes on a Nightmare #5: The “Chinese Virus”

Bill Maher is wrong that it’s an innocuous geographical descriptor.

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