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Why Vaccine Mandates Do Not Infringe on Liberty

You are not guaranteed the freedom to spread a deadly virus.

Continuing the Pandemic is a Choice

The United States has not seriously tried to end the pandemic. But failed institutions are not inevitable. The solution lies in human agency, solidarity, and political will.

It Turns Out the Right Just Believes In Power

The conservative tantrum on workplace vaccination shows why their ideas are wrong

Nation Of Bones

Reflecting on death and skeletons in the “post”-pandemic world.

What If a U.S.-Funded Lab Accident Did Cause The Pandemic?

Everyone in this country should want to know whether U.S.-funded research could have caused the pandemic.

How the Media Helped Democrats Spin the Pandemic

The nation’s most trusted mainstream news outlets have proven unworthy of anyone’s trust.

The Science Behind Masks

Neither panacea nor pure performance, they’re simply a useful tool during public health crises.

The Deadly Mix of Individual Responsibility and Racial Capitalism

Poor people of color are dying in droves so that a privileged few can enjoy pretending life is “back to normal.”

COVID-19 Killed My Husband in Jail. So Did Democrats’ Indifference

Republicans have botched the pandemic response, but Democratic elected officials have blood on their hands, too.

A Thorough Debunking of COVID-19 Contrarianism

Data scientist Jennifer Handsel deconstructs the truth and the myths of COVID-19.

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