Articles in Tech

A Series of Tubes: Reclaiming the Physical Internet

Who owns the internet? Everyone but us. Sparky Abraham makes a case for nationalizing the infrastructure of an increasingly online world.

The Singularity Prophets

The Singularity’s not coming to save us, but that doesn’t stop the world’s worst people from trying to bring it about.

The Fake Nerd Boys of Silicon Valley

Managing Editor Lyta Gold on Star Trek, Silicon Valley’s lack of imagination, and the arrival of an unexpected future.

The Bezos Future

Why Jeff Bezos must be stopped before it’s too late.

Personalities For Sale

An investigation into VIDA Select and other dating services, which promise all the thrill of conquest without the mess of effort.

Facebook Has The Power To Repeal The First Amendment

It’s simple: When private companies are the gatekeepers to the public square, guaranteed civil liberties essentially cease to exist.

Can We Save Facebook?

Is social media irredeemable? Or is capitalism, once again, the real villain?

Tech Companies Are Pretending To Be On Their Best Behavior

Big tech is watching its step and trying to appear ethical during coronavirus. Don’t be fooled.

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