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Why We Still Need Atheism

The New Atheists gave blasphemy a bad name. But strong criticism of religion is still necessary, because many false religious dogmas have terrible real-world effects.

The Smarmy Sacrilege of Corporate Divinity Consultants

Get thee behind me, Casper ter Kuile & Co.

The Solidarity of Martyrs

Suffering may be a fact of life, but we can choose how we relate to the people experiencing it.

The Longest Night

Our favorite Christianity correspondent, Dan Walden, on the meaning of Christmas.

Was Jesus A Socialist?

Well, he wasn’t a libertarian. Dan Walden talks Lawrence Reed’s new book, and the many modernities of Jesus.

Capitalism As Religion

On Eugene McCarraher’s “The Enchantments of Mammon: How Capitalism Became the Religion of Modernity,” a fascinating study of the ways in which capitalism, despite its purported scientific rationality, is really a perverse kind of religion.

In Defense of Hellfire

The rhetoric of damnation has been lost. But how else can we adequately condemn injustice?

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