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The Ministry for the Future, or Do Authors Dream of Electric Jeeps?

Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2020 climate novel has been hailed as one of the most important books of the era. But is it good climate commentary, or even good fiction?

When History Happens

Editor Lyta Gold reflects on the writings of Connie Willis and the heroes of history.

Merit, Access, and Swordsmanship

Dan Walden examines what makes life worth living, according to sleeper masterpiece “The Last Samurai”.

The Adams Principle

How did cartoonist Scott Adams go from Dilbert to MAGA and what does the Cold War have to do with it?

J.K. Rowling and the Limits of Imagination

The creator of Harry Potter could imagine the most marvelous fictional universe in children’s literature—yet she can’t imagine the inner lives of transgender people or the radical expansion of political possibilities.

Smells Like Team Spirit

A personal essay about childhood, popularity, trailer parks, and the meaning of class.

The Politics and “Pretentiousness” of Reading James Joyce

Is this modernist tome full of fart jokes and dense allusions worth all the irritating discourse around it? Brianna Rennix says yes.

The World of Wodehouse

A delightful place to enter. A risky world in which to live.

Sensationalist Exploitation Is Unnecessary

On the failures of “American Dirt,” the successes of “Lost Children Archive,” and how to write ethically about ongoing crises.

World Without Men

The wisdom and weirdness of feminist utopian novels…

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