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Why We Need Book Reviews

Books are where the knowledge is. A flourishing democracy depends on a culture that cares about and talks about books.

The Quit-Lit Pseudoscience and Faulty Feminism of Women’s Sobriety Memoirs

Vulnerable women in recovery deserve better than books written by authors peddling expensive products and services and promoting consumption instead of evidence-based treatments.

J.K. Rowling’s New Novel Shows Why Having an Editor is Important 

When you are a famous author, you can release a thousand-page novel filled with vicious parodies of your Twitter enemies. But should you?

How Creative Writing Programs De-Politicized Fiction

In the shadow of the Cold War, the rise of creative writing programs and ‘show don’t tell’ philosophy drained fiction of its political bite.

New York: The Invention of an Imaginary City

How nostalgic fantasies about the “authentic” New York City obscure the real-world place.

9/11: The Novel

Almost twenty years after September 11th, a new novel explores the psychological and political motives behind the attacks, and illuminates some dark truths that many Americans may not be ready to accept.

Coronavirus, Checkpoints, and the Beach of Death

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from Belén Fernández’s new book Checkpoint Zipolite: Quarantine in a Small Place, a story about getting stuck during the pandemic and a no-holds-barred critique of the politicians who are largely responsible for the scale of the disaster.

Finding Hope ‘In Place of Fear’

The only book ever written by the founder of the NHS is well worth your time.

Why ‘Factfulness’ Cannot Save Us

Optimism is great, but not when it’s the product of ignoring the obvious.

The Library of Books By Current Affairs Interview Guests

Dozens of great authors have been interviewed for Current Affairs. If you’re looking to read something new and insightful, check out one of these titles.

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