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How Labor Movement Can Win at the Bargaining Table

Two leading experts explain how unions can fight back against dirty tricks by management.

How ‘Your Package Has Been Delivered’ and other Automated Messages Erase Essential Human Labor

From ‘your package has been delivered’ to ‘your order has been shipped,’ passive language upholds the fantasy of economic automation.

Of Course We Should All be Working Less

America’s pro-work culture is destroying our health and well-being. Bernie Sanders has the right idea in calling for a 4-day workweek.

US Companies Complain of Worker Shortages While the US Deports Workers to Their Deaths

We militarize our borders and keep people seeking work from doing it. Then legislators insist we need child labor to fill a “worker shortage.” What kind of country is this?

Whose Fault Is An Uprising?

When people resist intolerable conditions, those who created the problem always try to shift the blame onto the ones resisting.

The Boss is Watching

Businesses sit on a treasure trove of employee surveillance data, which is a threat to working class power and to a dignified work experience.

Why You Hate Your Job

A theory on the function of bullshit jobs: to maintain the illusion of meritocracy and to provide status and prestige for elites.

How the Amazon Labor Union Defeated the Bezos Behemoth

Union member and Amazon worker Justine Medina on how workers achieved their historic victory when many doubted them.

The Left Must Be Ruthlessly Strategic

There is a difference between political actions that are expressive and those that are tactical. We have to act on the basis of what works, not what feels noble.

Organizing Against Precarity in Higher Education

As faculty positions become more like gig work, the future of higher education will depend on unionized workers.

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