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What Every American Should Know About Gaza

We are complicit in the bombing of Palestinian civilians and have an obligation to pressure our government to push for a cease-fire.

How The Occupation of Palestine Shapes Everyday Life—And What Happens Now

Journalist Nathan Thrall on what the human consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine have been, and why the collective punishment of Gaza must end.

The Wisdom of Edward Said Has Never Been More Relevant

The late Palestinian American public intellectual brought moral clarity to the Israel-Palestine conflict, arguing that once the injustice to Palestinians was recognized and ended, peaceful coexistence would finally be possible.

The Current Israel-Palestine Crisis Was Entirely Avoidable

Political scientist Jerome Slater on how the refusal to grant Palestine a state set the region on the course for disaster…

You Can’t Selectively Pay Attention To Certain Atrocities And Ignore All The Others

How is it possible to be outraged by Hamas killings of Israeli children, but ignore or rationalize the killing of Gazan children?

How Does This End?

Israel is now punishing Gazans collectively for a horrific attack by Hamas. Bloody vengeance only creates more victims and more rage. The question we need to be asking is: How can a just peace ever be reached?

The History of Arab-Jews Can Change Our Understanding of The World

Historian Avi Shlaim describes the devastating effects that rigid nationalism has on hybrid cultures, such as the Jewish Baghdad of his early childhood.

If You Support Ukrainian Resistance to Occupation, You Must Also Support Palestinian Resistance to Occupation

If the seizure and occupation of territory is wrong when Russia does it, it is wrong when Israel does it. Why does the U.S. support the resistance in one case and the occupiers in the other?

The War on Palestine

Historian Rashid Khalidi explains why the Israel-Palestine conflict is best understood as a war on Palestine.

Dreams and Despair in Gaza

After the 11-day assault by Israeli forces ended in an uneasy truce, a Gazan writer reflects on the horror of what happened, and what may continue to happen if nothing changes.

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