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Palestine Protests are a Test of Whether This is a Free Country

Can the United States apply consistent standards to pro-Palestine protesters as it does to protecting speech in favor of our country’s violence? No, it doesn’t seem like we can.

Israel’s Propaganda Machine is Filling the Internet with Misinformation

A sophisticated network of websites is spreading pro-Israel posts and suppressing content that “harms Israel’s image.” Would we accept this from supporters of any other country?

My Date With Destiny

Reviewing major issues in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

In His Right Mind

The meaning of Aaron Bushnell’s sacrifice.

Israel Has No Defense

After South Africa laid out a damning case of genocidal intent against Israel in international court, Israel responded by shrugging it off, hardly even mounting a defense. Meanwhile, Netanyahu insisted that “No one will stop us, not The Hague… and not anyone else.”

There Is No Good Reason to Oppose a Ceasefire In Gaza

The rest of the world sees what the United States still does not: Israel’s actions in Gaza can only succeed in producing an endless cycle of violence and suffering.

The U.S. Is Not Actually “Pressuring” Israel

The words of governments do not matter. Actions matter, and you don’t give Israel 2,000 pound bombs if you don’t want Israel to use them in Gaza.

Jimmy Carter Stood up for Palestinians. Why Won’t Today’s Democrats?

At the height of George W. Bush’s War on Terror, Jimmy Carter had the courage to call out Israel for its human rights abuses. What’s stopping Democrats from doing the same now?

What Every American Should Know About Gaza

We are complicit in the bombing of Palestinian civilians and have an obligation to pressure our government to push for a cease-fire.

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