Articles in Israel/Palestine

The War on Palestine

Historian Rashid Khalidi explains why the Israel-Palestine conflict is best understood as a war on Palestine.

Dreams and Despair in Gaza

After the 11-day assault by Israeli forces ended in an uneasy truce, a Gazan writer reflects on the horror of what happened, and what may continue to happen if nothing changes.

An Open Letter to Joseph Biden, From a Woman in Gaza

Israeli bombs may not be falling at the moment, but there is still no peace in the occupied Palestinian Territory.

Israel Is Weaponizing Time Against Palestinians

This kind of neglect is anything but benign.

Why Free Speech On Israel-Palestine Matters So Much

We need to be able to tell the truth about the ongoing crime against Palestinian rights. The enforcement of silence by major newspapers enables atrocities.

How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel

I was fired as a newspaper columnist after I joked about U.S. military aid to Israel on social media.

Movement in Palestine

Getting a new perspective at the Palestine Festival of Literature.

Welcome to IDF Fantasy Camp

In which intrepid reporter Elle Hardy learns how to shoot, fight, love, and become quietly terrified of the Christian Zionists who are practicing for the End Times.

Do Not Listen To Israel’s Lawyer 

Alan Dershowitz continues to defend the indefensible…

Honeymoon in Palestine

Reflections on Palestine, its people, and military occupation…

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