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We Need To Make The Moral Case For Immigration

The Democrats are considering implementing Trumpian new immigration restrictions. This is utterly unacceptable and should shock the conscience.

You Either See Everyone Else As a Human Being Or You Don’t

It’s obviously morally abominable to booby-trap the border with razors. But some people think desperate migrants deserve whatever cruelties we inflict on them.

Making Sense of the ‘Border Crisis’

Migrants are enduring horrific conditions while politicians squabble about terminology.

The New Sinophobia and the Japanese American Incarceration

“It may be tempting, in such circumstances, to believe that being good—the quintessential model minority—and patriotic towards America will spare us from the worst. But neither amounts to a foolproof shield against racism.”

Think of the Children

Children, for all of the sentimentality we project onto them, are extremely weird, sometimes terrifying, and will always understand more than we think.

Enduring the Bureaucracy

The false starts and road blocks of bureaucracy are annoying to all, but increasingly deadly for many.

The Refugee Meritocracy

The “Refugees Got Talent” show enshrined two popular assumptions: the myth of the meritocracy and the concept of the “deserving refugee.”

Should We Just Open the Borders?

A look at the cute but troublingly framed argument for open borders by Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith.

The Deep Roots of Greece’s Asylum Catastrophe

As coronavirus threatens, the condition of refugees in Greece is increasingly “a crisis of politics, not capacity.”

Sensationalist Exploitation Is Unnecessary

On the failures of “American Dirt,” the successes of “Lost Children Archive,” and how to write ethically about ongoing crises.

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