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A Brief History of the Bourgeois Safari

Safari is a popular form of ecotourism often billed as a benefit for conservation. But this colonial practice cannot make up for centuries of exploitation of Africa’s people, wildlife, and lands.

Winston Churchill, Imperial Monstrosity

Tariq Ali’s new book focuses on Churchill’s numerous imperial crimes, inverting the storied narrative of the British leader.

Why American Culture is So Disturbing

Societies can carry out Nazi-level atrocities without most people noticing the moral depravity around them. We need to be more disturbed by things commonly assumed to be normal.

The Making of the Self-Made Man

How America came to worship the men who style themselves as heroic entrepreneurs and innovators in the mold of Thomas Edison.

Beware Thoughtless Hitler Comparisons

Studying Nazism is important, and there are useful analogies to our time. But the “Hitler card” is easy to play. When Hitler and Nazis are referenced, we need to interrogate the motives and assumptions behind the comparisons, which are often superficial and misleading.

The Great American World War II Story

The U.S. National WWII Museum buries the gruesome realities and uncomfortable moral complexities. Until Americans grasp the reality of war, they will not be sufficiently committed to making sure wars do not happen.

Taking World War III Seriously

The Cold War ended but the threat of nuclear war has not. At least the Cold War generation actually took the threat of future world war seriously. It’s time for a renewed push for global disarmament.

The Afterlives of Che

What can the Left learn from the life of one of the twentieth century’s most visible political icons?

The Right-Wing Story About Human Nature Is False

Are we naturally violent, power-hungry, and greedy? Rutger Bregman’s book “Humankind” devastates the myth of human selfishness.

How The Titanic Haunts Us

We have good reason to remember the story of what happened to hubristic rich people, and the imprisoned poor, in an enormous opulent floating palace.

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