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Staten Island, Forgotten Borough

Staten Island gets a lot of disrespect from other New Yorkers, some of it fair. But it has its own fascinating people’s history.

We Must Finish the Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Reading “Where Do We Go From Here,” King’s final statement of his values and vision, helps us to refine our vision of what changes we need and renew our determination to bring them about.

The South Then and Now

Adolph Reed’s recollections of growing up under Jim Crow serve as a reminder that unjust regimes have been toppled before and can be toppled again.

Why Did Russia Launch This Catastrophic War?

It is critical to understand past events that helped lead to Russia’s war. We must push for a diplomatic end to the war if we wish to avoid more human suffering and the ongoing risk of nuclear Armageddon.

We Can Build Paradises For The Public

We need to recover the concepts of great public goods, public services, and public works. The New Deal’s WPA provides a vision of what is possible.

Which Italian America?

The stories that we tell ourselves can hold us back or move us forward. A look at the Italian American experience shows us we all have thing or two to learn about our own history.

The Dangerous Populist Science of Yuval Noah Harari

The best-selling author is a gifted storyteller and popular speaker. But he sacrifices science for sensationalism, and his work is riddled with errors.

A Brief History of the Bourgeois Safari

Safari is a popular form of ecotourism often billed as a benefit for conservation. But this colonial practice cannot make up for centuries of exploitation of Africa’s people, wildlife, and lands.

Winston Churchill, Imperial Monstrosity

Tariq Ali’s new book focuses on Churchill’s numerous imperial crimes, inverting the storied narrative of the British leader.

Why American Culture is So Disturbing

Societies can carry out Nazi-level atrocities without most people noticing the moral depravity around them. We need to be more disturbed by things commonly assumed to be normal.

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