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Is There Anyone Worse Than a For-Profit Hospital Operator?

Hospital workers acting as predatory debt collectors is the inevitable result of mixing profit and healthcare.

How We Can Ease the Pain

As a nation in pain, we are sold pills for everything. What if we tried a different approach to ease our pain?

The Arguments Against Abortion Do Not Make Sense

A new anti-abortion book shows that the “pro-life” movement defends a bizarre, irrational morality that aims to turn back the sexual revolution and considers embryos equal to adults.

The ACA Marketplace Is a Scam Covered With the Veneer of “Choice”

Purchasing health insurance on the marketplace is so confusing that it is impossible for consumers to make rational choices.

Abortion Restrictions Force Medical Personnel To Commit Grave Ethical Violations

In a post-Roe world, doctors will increasingly face a terrible choice: to follow heinous laws or to uphold ethical obligations to provide patients the care they need. When law and professional duty conflict, medical personnel must carry out their duty regardless of the state’s commands.

U.S. Policymaking on Sex and Reproduction is Based on Damaging Conservative Assumptions

Legislation around sex and reproduction ought to empower people by educating them and enhancing their freedom—as opposed to promoting shame and stigmatization.

We Deserve Better Than Zombie Healthcare

As Dr. Mark Vonnegut argues in his new book, most of us are defenseless against medical care that is indifferent or carried out by burned out healthcare workers. Yet many of us receive this type of care every day.

Deny Until We Die

Agent Orange killed my father. Did
it also kill my sisters? Like a detective, I set out to discover the truth.

How The Phrase “Universal Healthcare” Became Meaningless

By talking about universal healthcare without supporting an actual universal healthcare system, centrist Democrats turn an important demand into an empty marketing slogan.

Smart Toilets and the Endless Spread of Health Surveillance

The unexamined poop is not worth taking, according to the country’s finest entrepreneurs.

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