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How Big Pharma Makes a Killing From Letting People Die

Journalist Nick Dearden on the basics of “pharmanomics.”

Why Medical Debt Forgiveness Drives Are Not Enough

On the politics of ransom, and why there is no substitute for free universal healthcare.

Instead of Just Policing Misinformation, How About Real Public Health Campaigns? 

We can argue about whether the Biden administration violated the First Amendment in encouraging social media platforms to take down COVID misinformation. But even if it was legal, it was a poor substitute for sensible public health policy.

How Grace Meng is Trying To End Period Poverty Through the “Menstrual Equity for All” Act

The New York congresswoman explains why universal free access to menstrual products is critical for health justice.

Air Quality Has Long Been Overlooked, But It’s a Major Environmental Justice and Public Health Issue

From COVID to wildfires to vehicle smog, the air we breathe is dangerous, and we need a major public health campaign to educate people and provide masks—along with structural changes to address root causes.

Doctors Who Spread Medical Misinformation Should Lose Their Licenses. Why Don’t They?

Doctors have been some of the worst spreaders of medical misinformation in recent years. Why do most of them get away with it?

The Surgeon General Should Stop Telling People to Solve the Loneliness Crisis on Their Own

The Surgeon General, in recent comments about ‘Our epidemic of loneliness and isolation,’ gives individual solutions to a systemic problem that requires large-scale policy solutions.

We Can’t Make Healthcare Fair Until We Reject the Logic of Scarcity

In his new book, physician writer Ricardo Nuila uses the safety-net hospital where he works as a model for healthcare reform. It’s true that healthcare ought to be public, universal, and government funded, but to build a truly just healthcare system and a healthy society, we must reject the underlying logic of scarcity built into the healthcare system and the idea that healthcare is simply a transaction or a fair deal.

How a For-Profit Healthcare System Generates Mistrust of Medicine

Why is there so much distrust, mis- and disinformation, and conspiracy theory about medicine in the U.S.? Blame a system that nobody can trust to have their best interests at heart.

What Noise Pollution Is Doing To Us

Noise levels have pervasive and insidious effects on the health of our bodies as well as our communities.

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