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Notes from the Once-a-Year Meeting Where They Decide What All the Book Covers Will Look Like

In this exclusive leaked excerpt, highly-paid publishing executives reveal their tricks for making literature as unappetizing as possible.

Proposed Alternatives to Gender Reveals

A few exciting and much-safer nonbinary celebrations to take the place of the disaster that is the gender reveal party.

Choose Your Own Nightmare

Waking life is awful enough, but should you wish to escape into something worse, Current Affairs has just the solution.

The World’s Most Honest Crossword Puzzle

It’s depressing for the whole family!

Heartwarming Tales of Capitalism Gone Right

We must defend local news at all costs.

Democrats’ Revised Talking Points for the Biden Era

“Remember that stuff we said a couple months ago? Please don’t.”

Barack Obama: International Problem Solver

There’s only one ex-president with the courage, hope, and vision to raise awareness about the issues!

Take the Quiz: Which Shape Are You?

Might you be a glorious blorp, or a monstrous scutoid? There’s only one way to be sure!

Valentines to Melt Your ICE-y Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! ICE still exists.

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