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The Pedestrian of the Future

A pedestrian fatality crisis is brewing in the United States, and we need to focus on the root cause of the problem: pedestrians themselves.

How To Talk To Your Newborn About Existence

Our new “baby book” is a handy monologue to explain the universe to newborns.

QUIZ: Conservative Pundit or Person We Just Made Up?

Can you tell a fictitious right-wing pundit name from a real one? Take our quiz and find out!

Manufacturing Consent and the Case of Satan

How do we know everything we’ve heard about the guy is true? What if we’ve got the whole story backwards?

Dispatches From The Good Future

Where will humanity be a few decades from now? Our correspondent from the future files a report.

QUIZ: Do You Have What It Takes To Be a British Royal?

In just 15 questions, figure out whether you’re House of Windsor material.

Unbearable Lightness: A Tech CEO’s Diary

A diary of Personal Growth, Mindful Self-Humbling, and Blameless Eating.

Civility!: The Game

A game of reasonable change within carefully delineated boundaries!

The Job Search Maze

*Hint: There is no solution to the job maze. The system is flawed and there is no hope.

Notes from the Once-a-Year Meeting Where They Decide What All the Book Covers Will Look Like

In this exclusive leaked excerpt, highly-paid publishing executives reveal their tricks for making literature as unappetizing as possible.

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