Articles in Frivolity & Amusement

The Grand Boomer Bargain

An open letter to the boomer in your life…

Some Guesses As To What Pete Buttigieg Got Up To At McKinsey*

Current Affairs fills in mysterious gaps in the candidate’s record.

His Dark Materialism

In Defense of Facing Our Daemons…

Unbearable Lightness: A Tech CEO’s Diary

A diary of Personal Growth, Mindful Self-Humbling, and Blameless Eating.

The Best Holiday Gift Imaginable: A Big Book of Amusements

Need the absolute perfect holiday gift? We’ve made it for you!

Texts From Elon Musk to His Engineering Team

Actual texts between the Tesla chief and his team of designers.

The Dictionary of Capitalism

Translating contemporary euphemisms.

Isaac Chotiner Interviews Historical Figures

The infamous New Yorker interviewer takes on history’s monsters and rogues.

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