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The North Pole Goes South

Santa tempted fate for many years, but climate change has finally caught up with him. Current Affairs visited the North Pole to report on the situation, and present this work of up-to-date photojournalism.

Current Affairs Presents: Liberated Cosmopolitan

Seize the means of reproduction with these five *sizzling* slogans!

European History Quiz for Proud Defenders of Western Civilization

No trick questions or your money back guaranteed.*

The Incredible Access Man & The Amazing Means-Tested Boy

Bleeding out on the sidewalk? Access Man has the paperwork for that!

Can You Beat the Bureaucracy?

In the land of bureaucracy the truth is meaningless and only technicalities matter, which means you’ve already made your first mistake.

I, Milton Wallace, Also Quit

Old Milty returns, head held high, despite the liberal media elites who would love nothing more than to silence his truth.

Civility!: The Game

A game of reasonable change within carefully delineated boundaries!

Occasions When It Is Okay To Criticize Democrats

If you hate freedom and democracy, that is.

BREAKING: Secret Notes From Democratic Party Headquarters

A peek inside the finest minds that ever got legacy-admitted to the Ivy Leagues.

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