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How Big Is a Billion, Really?

How much is a billion, really? Well, it’s more than the human brain can even begin to conceptualize. But if you’d like to try, Current Affairs has the illustrations for you!

Build Your Own All-Purpose Bidenism

Sometimes you need to be Joe Biden at the spur of the moment. We’ve got you covered.

Hamilton Movie Livedraw

Will the Hamilton movie be terrible? Yes. But how terrible? Jason Adam Katzenstein returns to draw his appalled reactions in real time.

Welcome to Pinkertown

Where the data show that everything is A-okay!

Self-Congratulatory Hollywood Mix-n-Match

If you are a celebrity and need to show that you are Very Concerned, never fear! Current Affairs has you covered.

Practical Jokes to Play on ICE/CBP

Protesting day and night until police officers quit from exhaustion has proven to be an effective tactic. At Current Affairs, we would never suggest that you *should* play pranks on ICE and CBP agents until they too quit out of frustration. But if you *were* to do so, here are some innocent suggestions.

Some Things I Could Do With The NYPD’s $6 Billion Annual Budget

The NYPD should be defunded and abolished at once. Once we’ve done that, we’ll have $6 billion extra dollars a year to improve the city. What would you do if you, personally, were in charge of that $6 billion? Jason Adam Katzenstein has some ideas:

The Five Hottest Guillotines of 2020, Ranked

Do you have revolutionary fever, or revolutionary FOMO? Order one of these top five guillotines now and be totally prepped for certain upcoming events we have been legally instructed not to reference directly.

The Grand Boomer Bargain

An open letter to the boomer in your life…

Texts From Elon Musk to His Engineering Team

Actual texts between the Tesla chief and his team of designers.

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