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The Perils of Trauma Feminism

For too long, women of color and other marginalized people have vomited out their tales of trauma and woe. The time has come to stop telling our stories, to stop asking for empathy, and simply demand systemic changes.

How ‘You’re Worth It’ and other Femvertising Takes the Radicalism out of Feminism

Exploring how the rhetoric of merit shows up in consumer advertising toward women, conflating consumer purchases with women’s empowerment.

Laurie Penny on The Sexual Revolution

While gendered power dynamics have changed over the last several decades, Penny argues that gender relations have been framed by the logic of the market, which conflates nominal choice with liberation.

How Feminism Shaped the Carceral State

Law professor Aya Gruber argues that feminists should rethink carceral notions of gender justice.

Forty Years Later, ‘9 to 5’ Still Speaks the Truth

It’s been four decades since the iconic Dolly Parton-Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin film dropped, and it’s as relevant as ever.

Bourgeois Feminist Bullshit

The Rebecca Traister view of gender and the world…

The Self-Destructive Tendencies of Online Feminism

The incredible potential for internet activism is being squandered by infighting and superficiality.

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