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War and Mardi Gras

How do we celebrate a joyful holiday when our country is responsible for ongoing terrible suffering?

Beware Government Bullshit

Government spokespeople aren’t always lying. Usually they are just using as many meaningless words as possible to avoid having to answer a question directly.

Our Task in 2024

Here’s the good news: You have a majorly important role to play in world-historic events. Here’s the bad news: Unprecedented catastrophes will befall humanity if we don’t do everything we can to change course.

On the Material Foundations of Intellectual Production

Producing research and writing requires time and money, so inequality impoverishes human knowledge. How many great discoveries and cultural works are we missing?

Why You Should Primarily Focus On Your Own Country’s Crimes

Why don’t U.S. activists focus on the crimes of the Chinese government? Because we’re responsible for what is done in our name, and what we can most affect.

Can The Left Reclaim “Security”?

Astra Taylor argues we live in an “age of insecurity.” Understanding this may be crucial to thinking about how we can address Americans’ widespread pessimism.

The Genius of Thought Itself

Appreciating how extraordinary every human mind is can reinforce our commitment to egalitarian politics.

Why The Problem Isn’t Single-Parent Families

The problem is that we don’t take seriously the obligation to give people good lives.

Against Masculinity

It’s perfectly fine to be a “feminine” man. Young men do not need a vision of “positive masculinity.” They need what everyone else needs: to be a good person who has a satisfying, meaningful life.

The Perils of ‘Innovator’ Mindset

Five people are dead because Stockton Rush believed in a toxic ideology that sees ‘regulation’ as the enemy of ‘innovation.’

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