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That’s It, I’m Out

The internal ideological climate of Current Affairs has become intolerable. I can bear it no longer.

The Urge to Dominate

Destroying each other is both satisfying and futile.

Let’s Remember How Authoritarianism Takes Hold

The invasion of the Capitol was a farce. But it should still terrify us. The lessons of history need to be learned.

QAnon and the Fragility of Truth

How can people fervently believe in something so transparently flimsy, and how do we preserve our connection to reality in a world of informational chaos?

How Amazon Destroys the Intellectual Justifications for Capitalism

Amazon is becoming a giant private government with the power to direct the economy.

The Sophist and The Magician

Understanding how we can be manipulated helps us pull back the curtain on charlatans and can even protect democracy.

Why Nationalism Is A Brain Disease

Matthew Yglesias’ “One Billion Americans” argues that America needs more people because America must be the best. But why be the “best”? And what is “America”?

He’ll Be Back

It might not be Trump himself. But we still haven’t seen the last of the politics he represents. Don’t get comfortable.

I Want Deeds, Not Words

Congressional Democrats can tut at Republicans all they want, and Republicans will laugh and keep slowly seizing control of the country’s institutions.

The Most Important Thing About AOC Is That She Is Normal

A new profile confirms that AOC is smart, dedicated, and impressive. But she’s also proof that very ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

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