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Introducing The Current Affairs Biweekly News Briefing

It’s increasingly difficult to find and digest reliable and useful information about the world. Here at Current Affairs, we’re trying to fix that. Sign up for our brand new news briefing.

The Right to a Window Should Be as Fundamental as Freedom of Speech

Many workers have their health damaged by lack of access to sunlight and plants. Windows shouldn’t be seen as a perk or luxury. They are a basic necessity that everyone deserves.

Why Bother Arguing With The Other Side?

In defense of debunking bad arguments at considerable length.

Our 40th Issue

Current Affairs enters its eighth year as the best socialism-and-satire print magazine in all of southeast Louisiana.

I Have Now Destroyed All of The Right-Wing Arguments At Once 

Why I believe the left needs to do a better job of engaging with conservative arguments, and introducing my own attempt at a definitive handbook for doing that.

Say It With Me: Things Don’t Have To Be This Way

On the left, we need to repeat over and over: conditions are not inevitable but result from policy choices which could be made differently. We can build a fair, just, and healthy society where everyone thrives.

Sociopathy as a Lifestyle Brand

We should be concerned by the prominence of figures who boast about their lack of interest in other human beings’ welfare. Can we make it cool to care about other people?

There Are No Good Royals

If a member of Britain’s degenerate ruling family doesn’t like attention, he should go away and do something useful with his life.

The Guy Who Just Loves Everyone

Love of humanity necessitates the hatred of injustice.

Why We Must Criticize Our Culture

The job of a critic is to shatter the illusion that the status quo is necessary or good, and to free people’s imaginations for the contemplation of alternatives.

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