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Of Course We’ll Debate Them

The left isn’t frightened of a debate. Our ideas are good enough to withstand challenge.

Can We Drop the Silly Idea That America Is “Heading For a Civil War”?

The idea distracts us from the class war we’re actually in, and is a deeply misleading framework for understanding the real risks we face.

How Can America Stop Creating Lauren Boeberts? 

The far-right Colorado congresswoman and “right-wing AOC” is a bigot who holds loopy beliefs. But her memoir offers clues as to how we might create a country that does not empower these types of fanatics.

John Fetterman Should Ditch the “Extremely Online” Messaging

Relentlessly trolling Dr. Oz on Twitter is funny, but we desperately need a campaign with a strong, clear progressive agenda.

“What Is A Woman?” Is a Feature-Length Exploration of Conservative Ignorance and Prejudice 

If you want to avoid having to think, and want to have your most cruel, mindless prejudices treated as “common sense,” join the right.

World of Our Dreams

We may not have a way to prove the meaning of dreams, but the bizarre, beautiful, and frightening world of dreams is worth paying attention to.

Cooking for the Clueless

How I became slightly less useless in the kitchen: introducing a new Current Affairs video series.

What’s So Bad About Robin DiAngelo

The anti-racism educator encourages white people to “look inward” and focus on self-improvement. But it would be much better if they looked outward and joined a movement that could actually accomplish something.

How To Handle The Press

A master class from Bernie Sanders.

Biden Is Not Doing Nearly Enough

Democrats need to realize they are in a fight for their lives. Without transformative accomplishments, the right will soon be back in power—and it will be ugly.

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