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Say It With Me: Things Don’t Have To Be This Way

On the left, we need to repeat over and over: conditions are not inevitable but result from policy choices which could be made differently. We can build a fair, just, and healthy society where everyone thrives.

Sociopathy as a Lifestyle Brand

We should be concerned by the prominence of figures who boast about their lack of interest in other human beings’ welfare. Can we make it cool to care about other people?

There Are No Good Royals

If a member of Britain’s degenerate ruling family doesn’t like attention, he should go away and do something useful with his life.

The Guy Who Just Loves Everyone

Love of humanity necessitates the hatred of injustice.

Why We Must Criticize Our Culture

The job of a critic is to shatter the illusion that the status quo is necessary or good, and to free people’s imaginations for the contemplation of alternatives.

We Live In The Age of The Bullshitter

The great mystery of our times: Why does anyone take seriously people who are so obviously full of it?

Are Toll Roads Progressive?

It’s tempting to financially disincentivize car use but we also want public infrastructure to be free at point of use.

How The Blood Is Kept From View

Chris Hedges’ book “The Greatest Evil Is War” forces us to look at the darkest and most disturbing images of war, the ones that those who lead us into war would rather we not see.

We Can Have a Public Transit Paradise

We can build effective mass transit. But this requires ending the dominance of the automobile, an inefficient and dangerous method of transit.

Alex Jones Wrote a Book and Somehow I Have Forced Myself to Read It

The professional purveyor of conspiratorial delusions has now spelled his theory out in writing. As usual, it is mostly deranged, albeit sprinkled with the occasional factually accurate statement.

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