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The “Long Sustained Electoral Scream” Roundtable

WE ARE SCREAMING and also speculating and also giving you special insight from a very, very special guest.

The “Fresh Hot Takes on Canada” Roundtable

In which the editors offend the entire nation of Canada, and Oren Nimni—internet heartthrob, anarchist, and Canadian citizen—finds himself defending the State.

The “Replace Bad Things With Good Things” Roundtable

Bad things! We’re all sick of them. Isn’t it high time they were replaced with good things?

The “Left Aesthetics” Roundtable

The editors talk aesthetics, leftism, beauty, Oren’s t-shirts, and the garment industry. Also, Rennix gets cancelled.

The “Snacks Madness” Roundtable

In which the tedium of quarantine reduces your editorial board to arguing about snack preferences but also leads to a discussion about what “consumer choice” really means.

The “Quarantine Sports” Roundtable

In which our editors consider exciting new coronavirus-era sports, such as cat wrassling, potato-related strength competitions, and writing absurdist movies.

The “Everything Is Shit” Roundtable

Or is it? The Editors discuss.

Weekly Editorial Roundtable: Best of 2019 Edition

Your beloved editors share the books/TV/etc that resonated with them the most this year.

Weekly Editorial Roundtable: How To Talk About Politics At Thanksgiving

Or, should socialists feel obligated to proselytize to their families?

Editorial Roundtable: Democracy and Elections

Is there too much democracy and what makes a candidate electable?

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