Articles in Economics

A Quick Guide To What Is Going On With The Economy

Understanding the coronavirus recession.

Nationalize All The Nice Places

Beautiful public spaces should be held in common by the public and accessible freely to all.

What To Do Once We’ve Defunded The Police

One idea: give the freed-up monetary resources back to the people through participatory budgeting.

Dirty Tricks Of The Public Relations Industry

You might be under the impression that P.R. is a slimy industry. The truth is that it’s worse than you think.

Three Suggestions For How Advertising Can Become More Intrusive

The “win-win” logic of advertising makes its spread almost impossible to curb.

Spain’s UBI Is A Wake-Up Call For Americans

Spain just passed a permanent universal basic income. So can we.

Student Debt Forgiveness: Let’s Do Some Math

What would it cost to wipe out everybody’s student loans? The answer may surprise you.

Why “Free Stuff” Is Good

Funding public services through taxation instead of usage fees is fair and eliminates bureaucracy. We should do more of it.

Why Jeff Bezos Deserves Nothing But Scorn

Billionaires use philanthropy to bribe us not to hate them. We must respond by redoubling our hate.

Ownership & Control

Some clarifying thoughts on the differences between socialistic and capitalistic economic structures.

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