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Against Managerialism

How management education promised a better workplace—and why it delivered nothing but more creative ways of exploiting people.

The Limits of Basic Income

Providing people with cash payments has benefits, but guaranteed employment and public services are a better option for transforming our economy.

Let’s Test The ‘Intelligence’ of Tech Billionaires

Our House Economist sizes up the rich tech goons on their knowledge of internet economics. Who passes, and who fails?

We Need to Stop Private Equity from Stealing our Retirement and Ruining our Public Goods

As greedy private equity firms use pension funds to buy up huge swathes of the economy—everything from manufacturing plants to nursing homes, infrastructure, and rental housing—workers and the public are the ones getting screwed.

How to Spot Corporate Bullshit

A new book shows that the same talking points have been recycled for centuries, to oppose every form of progressive change.

Is Thomas Sowell a Legendary “Maverick” Intellectual or a Pseudo-Scholarly Propagandist?

Economist Thomas Sowell portrays himself (and is portrayed by others) as a fearless defender of Cold Hard Fact against leftist idealogues. His work is a pseudoscholarly sham, and he peddles mindless, factually unreliable free market dogma.

Nomi Prins Explains the Difference Between the Market and the Economy

The financial expert and author of “Permanent Distortion” gives insight into the real ways that money moves.

Is The Critique of Consumerism Dead?

Today’s left seems less inclined to critique advertising, consumerism, and pop culture. Should we be more skeptical?

You Don’t Need To Care About The Stock Market

Most of us aren’t in the ownership class, so the fluctuations of the market don’t make much of a difference to our lives.

‘Freakonomics’ Was Neoliberal Bullshit

A look back at the bestselling book franchise that taught people to “think like economists,” by which it meant “think cynically and amorally.”

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