Articles in Economics

Big Business and its Bottomless Bootlickers

Some economists say that big business is good, actually. Are they correct? They are not.

The Possibility of Life Without Money

The prospect of a “cashless” society is upon us. But could ordinary life be “moneyless” entirely?

The Case For Degrowth

Infinite growth on a finite planet is alarming and doesn’t even make us better off. A new book argues we must shed the ideology of “growthism.”

Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

To deliver on our promises to ourselves and each other, we must embrace a bold, inclusive, and realistic vision of public finance.

A Quick Guide To What Is Going On With The Economy

Understanding the coronavirus recession.

Nationalize All The Nice Places

Beautiful public spaces should be held in common by the public and accessible freely to all.

What To Do Once We’ve Defunded The Police

One idea: give the freed-up monetary resources back to the people through participatory budgeting.

Capitalism As Religion

On Eugene McCarraher’s “The Enchantments of Mammon: How Capitalism Became the Religion of Modernity,” a fascinating study of the ways in which capitalism, despite its purported scientific rationality, is really a perverse kind of religion.

Dirty Tricks Of The Public Relations Industry

You might be under the impression that P.R. is a slimy industry. The truth is that it’s worse than you think.

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