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Is Thomas Sowell a Legendary “Maverick” Intellectual or a Pseudo-Scholarly Propagandist?

Economist Thomas Sowell portrays himself (and is portrayed by others) as a fearless defender of Cold Hard Fact against leftist idealogues. His work is a pseudoscholarly sham, and he peddles mindless, factually unreliable free market dogma.

Nomi Prins Explains the Difference Between the Market and the Economy

The financial expert and author of “Permanent Distortion” gives insight into the real ways that money moves.

Is The Critique of Consumerism Dead?

Today’s left seems less inclined to critique advertising, consumerism, and pop culture. Should we be more skeptical?

You Don’t Need To Care About The Stock Market

Most of us aren’t in the ownership class, so the fluctuations of the market don’t make much of a difference to our lives.

‘Freakonomics’ Was Neoliberal Bullshit

A look back at the bestselling book franchise that taught people to “think like economists,” by which it meant “think cynically and amorally.”

Pandemic Social Spending Was a Remarkable Success That Showed What Authentic Social Democracy Could Be Like

Government social spending dramatically reduced poverty, hunger, and inequality and led to increased wages, showing why we need more of such spending, not less.

The Federal Reserve Exists to Protect The Economic Status Quo

What is the Federal Reserve, and who put it in charge? Is there no other way to fight inflation? Just what the hell is going on here?

Every Libertarian Becomes a Socialist The Moment The Free Market Screws Them

If the rich customers of Silicon Valley Bank deserve to be protected from economic hardship by the government, what about the rest of us?

Is Netflix Doomed?

Streaming video on demand now offers an absurd amount of content over multiple platforms. Could the industry be headed for bust?

When Will Congress Vote to Condemn The Horrors of Capitalism?

The House, including many Democrats, recently voted to condemn the economic system that ISN’T screwing us right now.

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