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We Now Know the Full Extent of Obama’s Disastrous Apathy Toward The Climate Crisis

Barack Obama’s official oral history contains new evidence of his indifference and foot-dragging on the most important issue of our time.

We Can’t Have Climate Justice Without Ending Computational Colonialism

Existing climate “solutions” assume the continuation of the environmentally destructive lifestyles of the global rich, at the expense of the rest of the world. If we’re serious about addressing the crisis we have to put the costs on those who caused the problem.

The 1 Percent Are Many Times Worse Than the Rainforest Wreckers

We cannot allow plutocrat-pampering pundits within elite media to derail us from what should be the most important task of our collective lives: to curb planet-warming carbon emissions.

In Defense of “Bad” Activism

Throwing soup on a painting may be a sub-optimal way of drawing attention to the climate crisis. But it’s an act of desperation from a generation being robbed of their future, and we should talk about the crisis instead of mocking the activists trying to stop it.

What Will Future Historians Think of Our Priorities?

While Queen Elizabeth II’s death was taking up most of the news, scientists were issuing a dire new warning about climate tipping points. Is anybody listening?

Climate Catastrophe Is Theft

Those who caused the bulk of the climate crisis owe damages to those who are harmed by it. If U.S. emissions cause flooding in Pakistan, the U.S. must compensate Pakistan.

Can a “Boon For The Fossil Fuel Sector” Really Be Called a Climate Bill?

The absurdity of expanding fossil fuel use in a bill to prevent the catastrophic effects of fossil fuel use.

We Need to Get Serious About Universal Access to Shade

As global warming creates unprecedented deadly heat waves, being surrounded by shade trees is more and more important.

The Annihilation of Florida: An Overlooked National Tragedy

An accelerating race to destroy Florida’s wilderness shows what we value and previews our collective future during the climate crisis.

Do Democratic Politicians Understand That Fossil Fuels Have to Go?

The IPCC has made clear that expanding oil and gas infrastructure is suicidal insanity. Why are U.S. progressive politicians contemplating agreeing to it?

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