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A Climate Scientist on Why The Global Climate Summit is a Disaster and a “Sick Joke”

“I’m almost at a loss of finding words to adequately describe the corruption and the evil at COP28,” says Dr. Peter Kalmus.

Biden Is Still Fiddling While The Climate Burns

Jeopardizing climate talks and EV production, escalating oil production, approving more new fossil fuel projects than Trump: what the hell is Biden doing?

Why We Have No Choice But to Stop Oil and Gas

Lorne Stockman of Oil Change International explains what will be needed to successfully prevent complete climate catastrophe.

The Climate Crisis Is Slipping From The News Right When It Needs Our Attention Most

With front pages dominated by Israel-Palestine, we are losing sight of the worsening catastrophe that needs to remain a top priority.

This Is Only Going to Get Worse Until We Make It Stop

Republicans want to maximize the catastrophic heating of the globe. Democrats want to pretend to be doing something without taking on the fossil fuel industry. Without aggressive, angry climate activism, we face utter disaster.

Climate Denial May Escalate Into a Total Rupture With Reality

As the catastrophe of global warming becomes seemingly impossible to deny, will right-wing denial disappear? Or will it simply become yet more deranged?

Why Don’t We Have Serious Regulations on Making People Work in the Heat?

No more excuses for heat deaths. As global warming worsens, it’s time to guarantee workers’ basic human rights.

‘Climate Optimism’ Is Dangerous and Irrational

Overly-confident math models based on unrealistic assumptions are used to avoid crisis-consistent climate policies and to protect global elite privilege, while abandoning our duties to the planet’s most vulnerable.

The World Needs Many New Climate Activists Right Now

Moral philosopher Henry Shue argues that we should think of our generation’s climate responsibility like the World War II generation’s duty to stop fascism. We were born into a critical historical moment and have an obligation to act.

We Need To Name and Shame Bad Climate Journalism

Human-caused global warming is creating catastrophic weather events. Our media has a responsibility to tell the public why this is happening and who is responsible.

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