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Fossil Fuels and the American Way of Death

Our country’s fixation on fossil fuels is killing us in new ways every day. And it’s up to us to stall it.

The Climate Case for Joe Biden (Is Strong but More Complicated Than You Might Have Heard)

Biden’s climate plan may be lackluster, but it is less likely to actively kill people.

When the Good is the Enemy of the Sufficient: Biden’s Climate Plan

By all accounts, Biden’s second climate plan is better than his first. But how much “better” will it take to save the world?

Where the Air Is Pure

We suffocate the world with industry, then we commodify air- and find new ways to blame the most vulnerable.

Any Politician Unwilling to Act on Climate Is an Enemy of Humanity

Successful organizing around the Green New Deal has created one last opportunity to avoid catastrophic climate change. But only a mass popular mobilization can make it happen.

The Last-Ditch Talking Point on Climate Change

How to keep denying climate change when the inferno reaches your doorstep.

A Youth Climate Movement Rises in Northern New Mexico

Youth United For Climate Crisis Action arises alongside the Black Lives Matter movement in the chaotic circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dammed and Damned

Amid a host of other disasters, the collapse of two dams in Northern Michigan may have seemed like a relatively minor apocalypse. But, as dam expert Varsha Venkatasubramanian points out, what we saw in Michigan is only the beginning.

It’s Not “Ecofascism”—It’s Liberalism

On the newfangled term “ecofascism,” and how it lets plain old racist liberals off the hook.

Oil Age

How one commodity explains the rise of our modern age…and now threatens to destroy it.

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