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Exposing the Many Layers of Injustice In the US Criminal Punishment System

From the unmatched power of prosecutors to the political corruption of judges, our criminal punishment system is rife with injustice.

Instead of Just Policing Misinformation, How About Real Public Health Campaigns? 

We can argue about whether the Biden administration violated the First Amendment in encouraging social media platforms to take down COVID misinformation. But even if it was legal, it was a poor substitute for sensible public health policy.

I Beg You To Remember That The Electoral College Exists

Biden can win the popular vote and lose the election. Please stop citing nationwide polls to draw conclusions about who is “ahead.”

The Octopus Abattoir Must be Stopped

Industrial octopus farming is a horrific proposal that should be banned.

A Dead Man’s Plea for The Rights of Prisoners

On the life of Shawn R. Griffith, and the extraordinary book he produced during his precious few years of freedom.

The “Cop City” Indictment Is Preposterous and Terrifying

The Georgia attorney general accuses activists of being “racketeers,” “money launderers,” and even “domestic terrorists.” This ludicrous court case should be denounced by everyone who values their freedom.

How We’re Going to Fight PragerU’s Indoctrination of Children

Introducing our handy “Student’s Guide to Resisting PragerU Propaganda.”

How Grace Meng is Trying To End Period Poverty Through the “Menstrual Equity for All” Act

The New York congresswoman explains why universal free access to menstrual products is critical for health justice.

The Labor Politics of “Air”

Revisiting a seemingly pro-corporate “brandopic.”

What The World Looks Like to the Super-Wealthy

Michael Mechanic, who has studied the lives of the super-rich, talks about strange bubble inhabited by the 1%.

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