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The Hypocritical, Phony Outrage About Chinese Spying

If we are outraged by China’s spying against the U.S., then is it legitimate for the U.S. to spy on China? Or is espionage only objectionable when other countries do the same things we do already?

The History of Arab-Jews Can Change Our Understanding of The World

Historian Avi Shlaim describes the devastating effects that rigid nationalism has on hybrid cultures, such as the Jewish Baghdad of his early childhood.

Why Are People Frightened That Kids Will Learn About Sex?

Is it reasonable for parents to panic at cartoon nudity in school textbooks? Only if we embrace irrational taboos about bodies.

Why Medical Debt Forgiveness Drives Are Not Enough

On the politics of ransom, and why there is no substitute for free universal healthcare.

Why The Problem Isn’t Single-Parent Families

The problem is that we don’t take seriously the obligation to give people good lives.

Exposing the Dark Side of the Fashion Industry

Journalist Alyssa Hardy on how we can appreciate and enjoy clothes while still being determined to change the ways they are made and marketed.

Biden Couldn’t Care Less About Human Rights

The Biden administration embraces dictators and barely pretends to care whether US-allied regimes respect basic freedoms.

The Political Uses of Prison Writing

The New Yorker and the New York Times present “beautiful” stories of the human spirit in prisons. But why don’t we come away committed to ending the caging of human beings?

Is Thomas Sowell a Legendary “Maverick” Intellectual or a Pseudo-Scholarly Propagandist?

Economist Thomas Sowell portrays himself (and is portrayed by others) as a fearless defender of Cold Hard Fact against leftist idealogues. His work is a pseudoscholarly sham, and he peddles mindless, factually unreliable free market dogma.

The Strong Towns Movement is Simply Right-Libertarianism Dressed in Progressive Garb

Strong Towns’ critique of America’s car-centric sprawl sounds appealing. But its proposed solutions rely on a conservative politics that prioritizes ‘wealth creation’ over just and equitable urban planning.

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