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How to Destroy a Story

Ten years after the launch of Game of Thrones, Samuel Miller McDonald looks back at its promising start—and how it all went wrong.

Why Cryptocurrency Is A Giant Fraud

Speculators might make money on it, but the arguments for its usefulness fail completely.

Eating Animals

A former vegan explains how she developed a more “nuanced” view.

Larry Hogan and the Mushy Middle

The Maryland governor’s COVID-era memoir is a study in moral cowardice.

F*cking Landlords

They’re the worst, especially if you’re a young woman.

When Is the Revolution in Architecture Coming?

We need to build places we can’t stop looking at. It will involve lots of plants.

Libertarian Rex

How “the king” of St. Louis was defeated—for now—and how you too can topple your local hometown billionaire.

Excited Delirium: How Cops Invented a Disease

It might not be “real” in the conventional sense, but it’s still a deadly diagnosis in the hands of police.

Making Sense of the ‘Border Crisis’

Migrants are enduring horrific conditions while politicians squabble about terminology.

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