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“Christian Horror” and the End of the World

How the popular subgenre of apocalyptic Christian horror media has shaped a generation of evangelical thinking.

The Holocaust and Cary Grant

On the pain and horror concealed beneath cheerful images.

How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Start?

Dr. Alina Chan has been one of the most prominent commentators on the origins of COVID-19. Here, she explains why the binary of “natural origin” versus “lab leak” is misleading and simplistic.

A World of Pictures

Susan Sontag was right: cameras define reality in ways essential to the workings of a capitalist society.

Job Creation Can Never Justify Prisons

Incarceration is an evil, and it’s unconscionable to do it for the sake of employing people. We need public works projects that uplift people rather than those that increase human suffering.

Exposing the Fraudulence of Elon Musk and Tesla

Investigative journalist and automotive industry expert Edward Niedermeyer, author of Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors, explains how Musk and Tesla have gotten away with so much lying and fraudulence.

The Media’s Climate Coverage Is Indefensible

Members of the press think they’re doing a good job reporting on climate change. They need to read their own publications.

A Contentious Conversation on Whether “Wokeness” is a “Religion”

Prof. John McWhorter and Nathan J. Robinson discuss whether the social justice movement is deranged as Prof. McWhorter suggests.

Publications Must Pay Their Writers, Period

It’s non-negotiable. Writers should refuse to produce uncompensated work, and publications should be shamed when they ask for it.

Obliterating the Natural World

The radical (but common) right-wing belief that property rights trump all other rights leads inexorably to the destruction of natural wonders.

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