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How Capitalism Is Killing Our Attention Spans

Johann Hari, author of ‘Stolen Focus,’ discusses the many ways in which tech companies are siphoning our attention for profit.

Prison Abolition Even For Elizabeth Holmes

Moms shouldn’t have their kids taken away. But the prison system does this routinely to parents across the country. Family separation is inherent to incarceration, which is why incarceration itself is an evil.

How Deregulation Created a Corporate Media Nightmare

In this excerpt from ‘The New Power Elite,’ sociologist Heather Gautney explains how the consolidation of media into a few powerful corporations is a key part of the neoliberal project to co-opt this pillar of social and political engagement.

Why Bother Arguing With The Other Side?

In defense of debunking bad arguments at considerable length.

In Defense of College

College is too expensive, but we need to defend the idea of higher education against those who call it a “scam.” We don’t just need job training; the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is everyone’s right.

Is Netflix Doomed?

Streaming video on demand now offers an absurd amount of content over multiple platforms. Could the industry be headed for bust?

Why Centrism Is Morally Indefensible

Tim Urban’s new book shows how centrists care more about civility than justice, and hate ‘social justice fundamentalism’ more than plutocracy.

How Queer History Is Buried

Historian Hugh Ryan, author of “The Women’s House of Detention,” on excavating the stories of LGBTQ+ people from before Stonewall.

The “Uber-ification” of Teaching Will Destroy Public Education

Some school districts have begun outsourcing in-person teaching positions to ‘edtech’ companies that offer remote teachers. But this is not going to make labor conditions better for teachers, or classrooms better for students.

When Will Congress Vote to Condemn The Horrors of Capitalism?

The House, including many Democrats, recently voted to condemn the economic system that ISN’T screwing us right now.

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