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The Boss is Watching

Businesses sit on a treasure trove of employee surveillance data, which is a threat to working class power and to a dignified work experience.

Are Toll Roads Progressive?

It’s tempting to financially disincentivize car use but we also want public infrastructure to be free at point of use.

Why Did Russia Launch This Catastrophic War?

It is critical to understand past events that helped lead to Russia’s war. We must push for a diplomatic end to the war if we wish to avoid more human suffering and the ongoing risk of nuclear Armageddon.

The War on Palestine

Historian Rashid Khalidi explains why the Israel-Palestine conflict is best understood as a war on Palestine.

The Death of “Econ 101”

Using labor markets as a case study to show how the standard ‘econ 101’ story is misleading at best and flatly contradicted by the evidence at worst.

Why Children Make Such Good Philosophers

Children often ask profound questions about justice, truth, fairness, and why the world is the way it is. Caregivers ought to engage with children in these conversations.

Cori Bush and the Path to Democratic Popularity

Democrats are failing to convince voters that the party cares about the most pressing issues facing the country. But some, like Rep. Cori Bush, are modeling what a compassionate and appealing Democratic Party might look like.

Why Is The Biden Administration Helping the Pork Industry Maintain Its Cruel and Abusive Practices?

The Supreme Court is considering invalidating California’s law establishing basic minimum standards for the humane treatment of pigs. Yet the Democratic administration is siding with pork producers against the Humane Society.

The Quit-Lit Pseudoscience and Faulty Feminism of Women’s Sobriety Memoirs

Vulnerable women in recovery deserve better than books written by authors peddling expensive products and services and promoting consumption instead of evidence-based treatments.

In Defense of “Bad” Activism

Throwing soup on a painting may be a sub-optimal way of drawing attention to the climate crisis. But it’s an act of desperation from a generation being robbed of their future, and we should talk about the crisis instead of mocking the activists trying to stop it.

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