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The Process of Leaving Jordan Peterson Behind

How one Peterson fan lost his faith, and what lessons we can learn about drawing people away from right-wing ideology.

Pandemic Social Spending Was a Remarkable Success That Showed What Authentic Social Democracy Could Be Like

Government social spending dramatically reduced poverty, hunger, and inequality and led to increased wages, showing why we need more of such spending, not less.

Introducing Murray Bookchin, the Extraordinary Originator of ‘Social Ecology’

Biographer Janet Biehl explains why the late thinker’s decentralized, anti-capitalist, ecological vision remains so important today.

Of Course We Should All be Working Less

America’s pro-work culture is destroying our health and well-being. Bernie Sanders has the right idea in calling for a 4-day workweek.

Can the Love of Menswear Be Justified in a Time of Global Crisis?

Can there possibly be any value in caring about something as seemingly frivolous as personal style and taste in clothing? As it turns out, Yes!

Florida Man

Examining the life and career of Ron DeSantis, whose record of supervising torture and stifling free speech mean he should be kept far, far away from executive power.

A Public Health Expert Explains How We Can Actually Reduce Gun Deaths

There are so many practical ways to reduce gun deaths using a ‘public health’ approach to the problem. What excuse is there for doing nothing?

Book Publishers Are Trying to Destroy Public E-Book Access in Order to Increase Profits

A recent ruling against the Internet Archive for copyright infringement threatens a treasured and critical public institution: our libraries.

Doctors Who Spread Medical Misinformation Should Lose Their Licenses. Why Don’t They?

Doctors have been some of the worst spreaders of medical misinformation in recent years. Why do most of them get away with it?

A Teacher Explains Why Politics Belong In The Classroom

Teacher Sam Shain was caught in the middle of the culture war when he taught a book about racism. He discusses that experience, and explains why it’s so important for teachers not to shy away from “controversial” political topics.

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