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Alex Jones Wrote a Book and Somehow I Have Forced Myself to Read It

The professional purveyor of conspiratorial delusions has now spelled his theory out in writing. As usual, it is mostly deranged, albeit sprinkled with the occasional factually accurate statement.

Is There Anyone Worse Than a For-Profit Hospital Operator?

Hospital workers acting as predatory debt collectors is the inevitable result of mixing profit and healthcare.

Manufacturing Nostalgia

An avid collector puts the sports card hobby into focus. The hobby isn’t so much a parallel of the free market as it is the free market emulating itself.

Robin D.G. Kelley on the Importance of Utopian Visions for Social Movements

The Black radical tradition reminds us that leftist struggle is just as much about imagining the world we want to create as critiquing the conditions of our oppression.

NPR is Not Your Friend

National Public Radio began as a scrappy institution featuring the voices of average Americans. Today it’s a sterile, inoffensive corporate product that is produced, funded, and consumed by a narrow demographic of highly educated liberals.

Biden Declared the Pandemic Over. I Immediately Got COVID.

The irresponsible messaging from the White House makes people less likely to think about sensible precautions they could take to minimize their risk.

Why You Hate Your Job

A theory on the function of bullshit jobs: to maintain the illusion of meritocracy and to provide status and prestige for elites.

Of Course We’ll Debate Them

The left isn’t frightened of a debate. Our ideas are good enough to withstand challenge.

What the Vietnam War Can Tell Us About Ukraine

There is no one more dangerous than a political leader who is losing a war and possesses weapons of mass destruction.

What Policing Looks Like from the Inside

Law professor Rosa Brooks became a reserve police officer and witnessed firsthand the systemic problems with policing.

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