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My Turkey Pardon

Biden got one thing right at the turkey pardon, but I’m not sure he knows what it meant.

Can The Left Reclaim “Security”?

Astra Taylor argues we live in an “age of insecurity.” Understanding this may be crucial to thinking about how we can address Americans’ widespread pessimism.

Brazil’s Tropicália Movement was the Soundtrack of Resistance to the Military Dictatorship

The Tropicalists built on quintessential musical traditions like samba and bossa nova to create an entirely new sound that captured the spirit of the political resistance of the late 1960s.

In Praise of the Pointless

Not everything should have to prove its market worth. We need places that serve no utilitarian function and exist only to be interesting.

Why We Have No Choice But to Stop Oil and Gas

Lorne Stockman of Oil Change International explains what will be needed to successfully prevent complete climate catastrophe.

Does Democracy Mainly Mean Voting For Democrats?

Heather Cox Richardson’s narrative of Good Democrats and Bad Republicans lets liberals off the hook for their political failures.

We Need to Stop Private Equity from Stealing our Retirement and Ruining our Public Goods

As greedy private equity firms use pension funds to buy up huge swathes of the economy—everything from manufacturing plants to nursing homes, infrastructure, and rental housing—workers and the public are the ones getting screwed.

Take Trump Seriously When He Vows To Build The Camps

Trump is openly planning to build a vast network of internment facilities, while railing against “internal threats” and calling his enemies “vermin” and vowing to “root them out.” The warning signs of fascism have never been more obvious or alarming.

The Climate Crisis Is Slipping From The News Right When It Needs Our Attention Most

With front pages dominated by Israel-Palestine, we are losing sight of the worsening catastrophe that needs to remain a top priority.

Jimmy Carter Stood up for Palestinians. Why Won’t Today’s Democrats?

At the height of George W. Bush’s War on Terror, Jimmy Carter had the courage to call out Israel for its human rights abuses. What’s stopping Democrats from doing the same now?

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