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Understanding What Trans Justice Means

What does trans liberation look like? How does it differ from mere inclusion? How should socialists think about trans justice? Author Shon Faye explains all.

Say It With Me: Things Don’t Have To Be This Way

On the left, we need to repeat over and over: conditions are not inevitable but result from policy choices which could be made differently. We can build a fair, just, and healthy society where everyone thrives.

The Fall’s Mark E. Smith Was a Cipher for Modern Populism

On the fifth anniversary of Smith’s death, making sense of a Past Gone Mad. Smith evinced a cultural bitterness that seemed to prefigure the working- and middle-class discontent we see today.

Why Left Media Needs Your Support

The right-wing propaganda apparatus is absurdly well funded. Scrappy left outlets (like this one) are fighting hard to provide a counterpoint, but we need more resources.

Sociopathy as a Lifestyle Brand

We should be concerned by the prominence of figures who boast about their lack of interest in other human beings’ welfare. Can we make it cool to care about other people?

We Need To Get Junk Science Out of Courtrooms

Forensic pseudoscience introduced into the courtroom has been used to convict and render death on people based on the thinnest of evidence.

What Italy’s Failures to Stop Berlusconi Teach Us About Preventing a Trump Comeback

Berlusconi was a clownish right-winger who nevertheless became Italy’s longest-serving postwar prime minister. Whether in Italy or the US, if the left is to stop “right-wing populists,” it must offer a compelling alternative.

US Hypocrisy on Foreign Policy Undermines the ‘Rules-Based’ Order it Claims to Defend

US and Western powers’ continued engagement in and support for international war crimes makes the Global South hesitate to rush to judgment in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The Anti-Imperialism of “Avatar” Should be Celebrated 

For all its faults, Avatar: The Way of Water does a service by bringing an anti-militaristic message to American cinemas.

We Must Finish the Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Reading “Where Do We Go From Here,” King’s final statement of his values and vision, helps us to refine our vision of what changes we need and renew our determination to bring them about.

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