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The U.S. Is Not Actually “Pressuring” Israel

The words of governments do not matter. Actions matter, and you don’t give Israel 2,000 pound bombs if you don’t want Israel to use them in Gaza.

The Sinister Politics of ‘Pass it On’ Billboards

The inspirational yet vacuous fare that makes a fetish out of individual grit and achievement is funded by a right-wing billionaire who wants you to forget about systemic causes of injustice.

Biden Is Still Fiddling While The Climate Burns

Jeopardizing climate talks and EV production, escalating oil production, approving more new fossil fuel projects than Trump: what the hell is Biden doing?

A Music Theorist on How White Supremacist Assumptions Have Shaped the Evaluation of Music

Professor Philip Ewell on how we decide what music is worthy of scholarly attention, and how to make music theory more welcoming for everyone.

We Adopted An Axolotl and You Should Too

These fascinating creatures are critically endangered. “Adopt” one to help conserve them!

A Brief Cultural History of the White Rapper

Why do they exist? Where did they come from? Can they be defended? The most pressing questions, answered.

Why You Should Primarily Focus On Your Own Country’s Crimes

Why don’t U.S. activists focus on the crimes of the Chinese government? Because we’re responsible for what is done in our name, and what we can most affect.

Gavin Newsom is Not a Progressive

California’s governor is being touted as a successor to the Biden throne. Though he’s often imagined as a beacon of progress, his feckless record shows otherwise.

The Rise and Fall of Crypto Lunacy 

Financial reporter Zeke Faux, author of a new book on Sam Bankman-Fried and the bizarre world of crypto scams, joins to tell us what he witnessed in crypto-world.

Reading Bin Laden’s Messages Might Have Prevented Decades of Disastrous Foreign Policy

Osama bin Laden’s “letter to America” recently went viral. Beneath its horrifying rhetoric is an important historical document that helps us see how the US response to 9/11 was exactly what Bin Laden hoped for.

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