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Living in the Time of Gender Revelations

Contributing Editor Aisling McCrea weighs in on the newest harbinger of apocalypse.

The Possibility of Life Without Money

The prospect of a “cashless” society is upon us. But could ordinary life be “moneyless” entirely?

What Markey’s Victory Meant For The Left

We should reflect on Senator Markey’s recent re-election and what his race demonstrated about the flexibility of the American Left.

Egalitarian Ethics and the Spirit of Socialism

Time after time, history proves what proponents of capitalism dismiss: redistribution of wealth and resources benefits us all.

How To Be A Respectable Public Intellectual

The pseudo-reasonableness of William F. Buckley shows why nostalgia for an Age of Civility is misplaced.

Trump’s Corrosive Values Will Spread

Having a president who shuns morality altogether may have a terrifyingly negative ripple effect.

Against Prevailing Winds

The short-lived rise and disastrous fall of Britain’s first socialist airship.

Why You Matter

There are so many cruel and overconfident people in power that we need all the humble, sensitive ones we can get.

Sports on Strike

Don’t call it a boycott, and don’t underestimate the movement.

Was Jesus A Socialist?

Well, he wasn’t a libertarian. Dan Walden talks Lawrence Reed’s new book, and the many modernities of Jesus.

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