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The International Phenomenon of “Cancel Culture”

The West’s staunchest defenders of viewpoint diversity are curiously silent about the most pressing threats to free speech.

How Billionaires See Themselves

Reading the dreadful memoirs of the super-rich offers an illuminating look at their delusions.

What a Better Biden Would Say About Student Loan Debt

A hypothetical speech from the president-elect on the state of higher education in the United States.

The Pauper’s Dog

In which Ho thwarts a poisoning, and Trotsky spills the soup.

Barbara Ehrenreich on Medicine, Macrophages, and Megafauna…

A discussion of the Wellness craze, how science adapts to new information, and the human idea of the self.

Welcome, Babies

A message from Current Affairs to all babies and the people who made them.

Presenting The 2020 “Griftie” Awards

Precedented times or not, the grift stops for no man. Today, Current Affairs celebrates.

QAnon and the Fragility of Truth

How can people fervently believe in something so transparently flimsy, and how do we preserve our connection to reality in a world of informational chaos?

Transgender Trouble: 40 Years of Gender Essentialism and Gatekeeping

Roanne K. Jalopy explains the history and haphazard ideology behind medical neglect of the trans community.

Forty Years Later, “9 to 5” Still Speaks the Truth

It’s been four decades since the iconic Dolly Parton-Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin film dropped, and it’s as relevant as ever.

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