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The Case For Open Borders

Journalist John Washington debunks common anti-immigrant myths and explains why free movement is a human right.

Democrats, Contempt Will Not Win You the Election

Telling voters their opinions don’t matter will not persuade them to vote for you.

Joe Biden is Deporting Haitian Immigrants Into a War Zone

The latest expulsions are just part of a wider, deeply cynical political strategy.

We Need Solidarity Now More Than Ever

Leah Hunt-Hendrix on why the concept of solidarity needs a central place in political philosophy.

U.S. Policy Toward Gaza Continues a Long History of Fraudulent Humanitarianism

As aid to Gaza trickles to a slow, the US could be doing more to prevent mass death and suffering. But that would require standing up to Israel.

How the Dollar Became America’s Most Powerful Weapon

Saleha Mohsin explains how the dollar’s power actually works.

A “Tradwife” Discovers the Anti-Feminist Lifestyle Is Miserable and Oppressive

A horrendous alt-right influencer who encouraged “traditional” gender roles realized that practicing what she preached made her feel enslaved.

Should You “Put Your Life In Order” Before Criticizing the World?

Karl Marx’s home life was a hot mess. Jordan Peterson can’t keep his room clean. So what?

Protests, Then and Now

Student protesters were right about Vietnam. They’re right about Palestine today.

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