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What Fast Food Tells Us About the World

When American fast food became an international phenomenon, it transcended its origins and became the first truly global cuisine. The implications are greater than most of us realize.

The Ministry for the Future, or Do Authors Dream of Electric Jeeps?

Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2020 climate novel has been hailed as one of the most important books of the era. But is it good climate commentary, or even good fiction?

The Nature of Money

Calculating a poor person’s wealth is a science. For a rich person, it’s an incredibly abstract art.

Build Back Better for Whom? How Neoliberalism (Re)creates Disaster Risks

There’s a lot more to Biden’s campaign slogan than meets the eye.

James Harden and the Death of Heliocentrism

Catering to the whims of stars above all else doesn’t work—either in sports or society at large.

Life in Revolutionary Times: Lessons From the 1960s

In the 1960s, people around the world fought for revolutionary change. What can we learn from them?

Why We Don’t Need a New Domestic Terror Law

The government already has all the power it needs…

Rachel Cohen on the Great Charter School Controversy

Charter schools were pitched as a solution for America’s broken education system. Have they actually delivered on their promise?

Movie Stars and Their Misguided Messiah Complex

Just because you claim to “create jobs” doesn’t give you the right to treat fellow human beings like dirt.

Puppaganda: How Politicians Use Pets to Convince You of Their Humanity

For a politician in need of a popularity boost, an adorable dog or cat can make an effective distraction from policy.

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