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How to Write a Good Political Poem

Most political poetry is not good. But can it ever be? Yes!

Why Factory Farming is a Moral Atrocity

Lewis Bollard of Open Philanthrophy’s farm animal welfare program on why preventing the suffering of animals remains a crucial moral priority for our time.

Our 46th Issue Is Here!

A beautiful new edition of Current Affairs to delight you and your loved ones.

Will AI Enable New Musical Creativity or Undermine Musicians?

On my astonishing and somewhat alarming experiments with music generation software, and what AI technology means for music-making.

In His Right Mind

The meaning of Aaron Bushnell’s sacrifice.

It’s Time to Break Up with Capitalism

Malaika Jabali, author of a new introduction to anti-capitalist and socialist politics, explains why we need to break up with our economic system.

Abolish the Tipped Minimum Wage

Service workers deserve a real livable wage. How is this even up for debate?

What If We Didn’t Consider Criminalization an Option?

Instead of re-criminalizing drugs, Oregon should actually take care of people.

The Dystopias of Yesterday

Looking back on the disaster scenarios of vintage sci-fi.

Nick Hanauer on How Corporate Propaganda Makes Us Fear Sensible Social Policy

The businessman and host of Pitchfork Economics on how “corporate bullshit” misleads us.

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