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Asian American Psycho

Asian American fiction and film often function as lifestyle affirmation rather than explorations of the complexity of Asian American lives. The result is boring art.

The Left Keeps Warning You That Centrist Democrats Are A Disaster

We warned about Hillary Clinton. We warned about Joe Biden. It’s time to listen to the Sanders wing of the party.

Rethinking Endless Growth With Doughnut Economics

Standard economics models based on infinite growth are fundamentally incompatible with action to address the climate crisis. Economist Kate Raworth explains her approach to economics based on balancing human needs with Earth’s finite resources.

It Is Really Not a Good Idea For Democrats to Focus on Jan. 6 Right Now 

Congressional Democrats are planning to dwell on an issue that has nothing to do with voters’ material concerns. Are they purposely trying to lose the upcoming midterms?

Congressional Inaction Will Ensure More Deaths Due to Gun Violence

Is it possible, in the wake of the horrific tragedies last month, to have an honest conversation about gun culture that’s separate and apart from gun ownership?

QUIZ: Do You Have What It Takes To Be a British Royal?

In just 15 questions, figure out whether you’re House of Windsor material.

The People’s Tramp

Charlie Chaplin’s films are insightful explorations of poverty, homelessness, and the callous moneyed classes. They also show cinema’s capacity to act as a small empathy-generating machine.

The GOP’s Indifference to Mass Shootings is Depraved and Sickening 

Nobody can explain why weapons of war should be on the streets, but the American right don’t care if the country becomes a terrifying dystopia. We could stop mass shootings if we wanted to, but gun fanatics see other people’s dead children as a price worth paying for their hobby.

U.S. Deliberation During Hungary’s 1956 Uprising Offers Lessons on Restraint

As the war in Ukraine worsens, there’s little debate about Western policy choices. This is a mistake.

The Academic as Entrepreneur

Universities may be the new Silicon Valley. That should worry us.

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