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9/11: The Novel

Almost twenty years after September 11th, a new novel explores the psychological and political motives behind the attacks, and illuminates some dark truths that many Americans may not be ready to accept.

Coronavirus, Checkpoints, and the Beach of Death

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from Belén Fernández’s new book Checkpoint Zipolite: Quarantine in a Small Place, a story about getting stuck during the pandemic and a no-holds-barred critique of the politicians who are largely responsible for the scale of the disaster.

The God of 54th Street

A story about the proliferation of illegal parks.

Choose Your Own Nightmare

Waking life is awful enough, but should you wish to escape into something worse, Current Affairs has just the solution.

There Is No “Birth Rate Crisis”

Why the coming “baby bust” isn’t a problem at all, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something very, very sinister.

Biden Is Not Doing Nearly Enough

Democrats need to realize they are in a fight for their lives. Without transformative accomplishments, the right will soon be back in power—and it will be ugly.

The Luddites Were Right

Gavin Mueller’s “Why You Should be Breaking Things at Work” makes a persuasive case for the Luddites. So why have so many people—including your favorite Communist philosophers—insisted that they were wrong?

The Arguments Against Trans Athletes Are Bigoted and Irrational

The latest “common sense” right-wing talking point is yet more transphobic prejudice.

We Deserve Better Dystopias

Cyberpunk’s bleak vision is aesthetically stylish but its diagnoses are shallow and unsatisfying.

Them Doghead Boys

A fictional story about cops, death, and the supernatural world of New Orleans.

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