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The Supreme Court Is Coming Dangerously Close to Complete Illegitimacy

When an unelected conservative majority simply imposes the right’s policy preferences by fiat, there is little reason for the rest of us to respect the Court’s authority.

Drone Skies

America’s drone wars mean many around the world have to fear a clear blue sky.

Is Capitalism Built on Greed?

Some leftists say that capitalists are not personally greedy and act as they do because the system forces them to. But that’s wrong. Capitalist greed is indeed a choice.

Keeping the Faith: Socialism in the Waiting Place

Being on the left requires us to be impatient and active, but we also have to learn to keep the faith and settle in for a long struggle that involves a lot of waiting and frustrating setbacks.

Why Is the Right So Horrified By Drag Queens?

Conservatives’ visceral dislike for any defiance of strict gender norms exposes the authoritarian core of right-wing politics.

The Dangers of Praising Mike Pence and Liz Cheney

Republican enemies of Donald Trump are not your friend. In fact, they may represent an even more dangerous form of far-right politics, because they put a respectable veneer on theocracy, climate denial, and warmongering. Democrats need to stop praising horrible neoconservatives.

Proportional Representation Is a Terrible Idea That The Left Should Not Embrace

The electoral road is never easy for the left, but an electoral system that forces coalitions as a matter of procedure only makes things worse.

“What Is A Woman?” Is a Feature-Length Exploration of Conservative Ignorance and Prejudice 

If you want to avoid having to think, and want to have your most cruel, mindless prejudices treated as “common sense,” join the right.

Asian American Psycho

Asian American fiction and film often function as lifestyle affirmation rather than explorations of the complexity of Asian American lives. The result is boring art.

The Left Keeps Warning You That Centrist Democrats Are A Disaster

We warned about Hillary Clinton. We warned about Joe Biden. It’s time to listen to the Sanders wing of the party.

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