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Will Geoengineering Kill Us Or Save Us?

Geoengineering has been touted as the smart tech solution to climate change, or decried as a dangerous mistake. But which is it? Could it be that the answer is more complicated than we think?

The Noirs of Melville

The films of Jean-Pierre Melville are stylish and seductive. Their meaning isn’t obvious—nor should it be. A look at some of the most original and satisfying films of the last century.

Notes from the Once-a-Year Meeting Where They Decide What All the Book Covers Will Look Like

In this exclusive leaked excerpt, highly-paid publishing executives reveal their tricks for making literature as unappetizing as possible.

How To End Up Serving The Right

Journalists Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are known for exposing the crimes of the police, the military, and Wall Street. But they also spout dangerous conservative hyperbole about The Left. What’s going on?

Calm Down, The Classics Aren’t Going Anywhere

Conservatives are furious that Princeton has dropped a Latin and Greek requirement. But far from a reduction in standards, it’s a way of improving and expanding classics education.

Biden’s Climate Irresponsibility

It would be nice if having a Democratic president automatically meant real action on climate change. Sadly, it isn’t true.

New York: The Invention of an Imaginary City

How nostalgic fantasies about the “authentic” New York City obscure the real-world place.

Proposed Alternatives to Gender Reveals

A few exciting and much-safer nonbinary celebrations to take the place of the disaster that is the gender reveal party.

“Citizenship” is a Scam

Membership in a nation is supposed to be a guarantee of equality and human rights. But, as two recent books attest, the concept of citizenship has been unequal from the start, and is increasingly decoupled these days from anything that even looks like safety, freedom, or fairness.

Jean-Paul Sartre and the Problem of Being “Progressive Except for Palestine”

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre was famous for his anti-colonial positions, but waffled when it came to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Why did he struggle to be consistent, and what does that tell us about “progressive except for Palestine” intellectuals today?

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