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The Case for Puerto Rican Independence

The United States’ 125-year-old colony deserves independence, and Americans must dispense with the notion that it’s not their place to take a stand on Puerto Rico’s political status.

Israel’s Propaganda Machine is Filling the Internet with Misinformation

A sophisticated network of websites is spreading pro-Israel posts and suppressing content that “harms Israel’s image.” Would we accept this from supporters of any other country?

What Trump Understands About War

Donald Trump’s militarism is even worse than Biden’s. But he’s keeping relatively quiet on Israel-Palestine, probably because he knows the public doesn’t like war.

Why the Right Constantly Panics Over Societal ‘Decadence’

No, ‘Western society’ has not fallen from some mythic elevated past. But such right-wing views are appealing, and the left needs an answer to them if we want to avoid being pushed back into traditional hierarchies.

How to Neutralize the Electoral College

The institution is unjust, anti-democratic, and just plain silly. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

My Date With Destiny

Reviewing major issues in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Ye and the Problem of Fascist Art

The rapper’s embrace of Nazi ideology is strange and awful, but it can teach us a lot about how far-right politics spread.

How Solarpunk Fiction Defies Dystopian Doomerism

Move over cyberpunk. Make way for solarpunk, the defiant ecosocialist answer to dystopian doomerism.

How to Communicate Left Ideas to Gen Z

Jessica Burbank on how she makes TikTok and YouTube videos that effectively communicate left ideas in a short span of time.

Against Incrementalism

‘Incrementalism’ implies that small steps will be taken toward a goal. But we need to beware policies that do not actually serve the goals they claim.

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