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What Everyone Should Know About the ‘Security Dilemma’

It’s frighteningly easy for those who want peace to blunder into a war. In the age of nuclear weapons, we need to understand how this happens so that we make sure we are not creating a catastrophe.

What ‘Tintin’ Tells Us About Imperialism

Hergé’s comics are now infamous for their portrayals of colonized peoples, but they are useful artifacts for understanding the imperialist worldview.

How Elon Musk Wrecked Twitter

Journalist Zoë Schiffer on the downward spiral of an extremely influential platform.

Can Philosophy Be Justified in a Time of Crisis?

Is it morally acceptable to be apolitical? Is there something wrong with the pursuit of “knowledge for knowledge’s sake”?

When Stated ‘Intentions’ Don’t Matter

Israel knows that its assault on Gaza is inflicting mass civilian death and starvation but claims that these outcomes are not its ‘intention.’ But when you know the consequences of your actions, what difference do intentions make?

Gated Knowledge Is Making Research Harder Than It Needs to Be

Tracking down facts requires navigating a labyrinth of paywalls and broken links.

Why We Need Limits on Extreme Wealth

An introduction to limitarianism, and why there should be an upper limit on how much money people can accumulate.

The Case for Puerto Rican Independence

The United States’ 125-year-old colony deserves independence, and Americans must dispense with the notion that it’s not their place to take a stand on Puerto Rico’s political status.

Israel’s Propaganda Machine is Filling the Internet with Misinformation

A sophisticated network of websites is spreading pro-Israel posts and suppressing content that “harms Israel’s image.” Would we accept this from supporters of any other country?

What Trump Understands About War

Donald Trump’s militarism is even worse than Biden’s. But he’s keeping relatively quiet on Israel-Palestine, probably because he knows the public doesn’t like war.

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